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The mission is very simple it's to completely replace animals in the food system by twenty thirty five the use of animals as food technology eighty is by a huge margin the most destructive technology on earth and really poses a catastrophic threat. It's fresh water in the world and the biggest issue is that about fifty percent of the entire land surface verve is actively in use right now either growing feed crops or grazing livestock and that land footprint comes at the expense of all the bio-diversity that previously occupied that land in the past forty years we've basically wiped out half the wild animals that were living on earth back then and it's just across the board mammals birds reptiles Amphibians fish even insects and that has happened so fast and it's continuing accelerate because the driver is the land footprint of animal agriculture and overfishing and the demand for meat and fish is growing faster than population that's Pat Brown and this is the retrial podcast uh rich role podcast hey everybody how you guys doing what's the latest how are you my name is rich role I'm your host this is my pod cast welcome did you enjoy the live event podcast within Q.. And Paul Hawkin if so did you catch the video version I hope you did if you missed it please check that out not only am I super proud of that entire event I'm extra crowd of my team for the incredible production value that they brought to that still basking in the glow of that experience and we're already pretty hard at work at planning more live events just like this for two thousand twenty so stay tuned and we'll keep you posted on that I gotTa Tell You I'm a little bit wiped it out a it's been a crazy month to say the least I spoke at the nantucket project a couple of weeks ago hosted conversations there with Russell brand Dr Zack Bush podcast favorites in fact Russell shared short clip of that exchange that you can find on his youtube channel check that out then home to perform at the live event and I jotted to tell you ride for another event called original thinkers which was super cool everybody should definitely check out of an out spoke there hosted another conversation with Zach Bush came home got another couple of shows up then I just drove through a big brushfire to get here to the studio today the Santa Ana winds are kicking up again which is a little anxiety provoking after last year's experience and what else I'm about to head up to Stanford for my thirtieth college reunion next week which is just insane all of this in fact is surreal. I guess I'm officially old at this point but I gotTa tell you I don't feel old I feel grateful I feel energetic and super enthusiastic about my life and about today's episode so thank you guys for showing up I feel very blessed to do this thing I think the word is is grateful and I do not take your attention for granted so most of you have heard about this thing called the impossible burger and I imagine many of you out there have already tried it arguably it's the plant based Patty that comes closest to fooling people that it isn't real beef and I think it's fair to say that the impossible Burger has become a bit of a phenomenon it's widely available at all manner of restaurants all across glow lots of fast food chains etc so what's the story behind all this how did it come to be and what is the intention the mission behind it all all today I'm very excited to host the man responsible for upending everything that you thought you knew about plant based meet impossible foods founder Pat Brown in addition to being a world renowned geneticist pat is a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator as well as a professor of biochemistry at Stanford University he's also the founder of lyrical foods which makes kite hill artisanal nut milk based she eases and he's the founder of the Public Library of Science a nonprofit publisher pioneer the open access business model pat was elected to the national Academy of Sciences in two thousand two he's a member of the Institute of Medicine and his numerous accolades include the American Cancer Society Medal of honor and the NAS award in molecular biology. Basically this is a guy who was moved action spurned into action by the urgent need you to redress global climate change any founded this company impossible foods with one clear goal to eliminate a radical animal agriculture which is as we all know one of the biggest contributors to planetary warming and he's doing this by providing delicious nutritious and much more environmentally friendly alternatives to meat and dairy directly made from plants so this mission statement is ambitious some would say Sir it's audacious but you simply can't deny the impact that he and his team at impossible has already made and pat is a guy who's just getting started and today he shares his story but first let's support the sponsors that make today's drop possible starting with my good friends at Roka Roka is a performance driven eyewear company creating some of the best sunglasses and eyeglasses on the market.

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