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The way is the metro going to need some help if they are going to be a true competitor this upcoming season but they'll had addeds today affect the mad suet and landscape overall well first of all otani ends up with the angels so he'll have the dh i think the the fun part with otani is can we actually see a player of throw a hundred innings is a pitcher start every five days and also get a hundred two hundred plate appearances as a batter and be effective added that the ssim we just we haven't seen since the days of babe ruth so i think it's fun the idea of it will you have the opportunity to do that in anaheim i thick so you look at the angels they have a dh that's the first things that are that the worry about plane rightfielder anything a along those lines and otani he could dh a little bit they could bench albert pools was terrible last year and plug in otani a bit it gives mike trout a chance to win some games out of trautz been the best player in baseball since she came up and yet he's only had one trip to the playoffs and baseball's the sport it's not like basketball it's not like a quarterback in the nfl where to some degree you could look at windsor losses you know look at greatness is great nba player the great they win because of if you've the dominant guy on the court he can run the whole gay that's untrue in baseball you got the best player baseball you cannot win a whole lot plenty of all famers that you'll never sniffed a world series doesn't take away from the kind of players they were in need help around you and for trout may finally gets a little bit of that with otani in the fold and i'll be curious when tani sits down as the big press conference what separated the angels from the dodgers the mariners from the giants from all the other teams that we heard the cubs were involved what separated them what is it about the.

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