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Shortly right man. You're still doing it. Twelve years in ladies. Gentlemen joe hayden bridge. This desk is just giving me nightmares and your face is eating those glass. They feel very tight. Obviously i need to find. Can you get them for like wider heads and actually big tall. Hey not as why does mine. Those ones don't fit me either pal. To be honest. I don't know where my glasses wet. That did fit. I've been looking for him for three months on that day. We'll add no threat. Okay hey what do you think general. Bob wants us to get into him by. Are you bringing more shit in dairy sharing. I was just gonna throw it a little bit all right. You can do whatever you want. You're probably doing a great job. You're supposed to bop it though right than aussie rules. Football hats ma. Pot has maybe a quick pivot has roman reached out to you at all and said great job on that herpes commercial. That you guys filmed. I think every time. I'm sitting on waiting to come on the show that commercial runs and you talk about just everything you do. I just really enjoy how you you go knock out herpes. Come too fast and you have a you. Have things for everything you have answers for. Everything seems like it. Don't come to quick. It's not me that has all the answers. It's ronin in by the way that thing was supposed to be one of those pre roll commercials on youtube so that was going to be like the first time we were like forced onto people you know normally this show like hey you find that you get here. Congratulations right like that was going to be the first one where i'm like smackdown kind of for some people. I guess i'm not somebody that's good. Being forced on people smackdown was not rain early. It's okay 'cause game that one. They like tasks us with making this thing. I'm like absolutely still. We're real excited filmed. It had been stone him together. Voiceover pieces together. We're still the only motherfuckers apply it. Nobody i mean. I think it's amazing that should run on run on on nbc olympic coverage. They should run that room that it get so many so many people would sign up. That was the purpose of the ad. I won't let you know that did come from the mind mcafee okay. Very crowd of that. I thought i was gonna win a fucking advertising a word. That's literally what. I thought it was going to happen it. It only runs on our thing. So kind of a waste but romans. not ruben. Fuck make you better yeah romanowski better and hey pat so speaking of someone. That definitely is not busting too early. We have a guy next all off marathon ladies ladies and gentlemen. We are not going to make him wait any longer..

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