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We've all got Virgin wheels on the truck. Well. There is even more. There are even more wrenches to be thrown into this machine. I think because of the weather is GonNa be another chilly won. Qualifying, day looks to be about sixty, six Fahrenheit or nineteen Celsius. And Race Day a little warmer at Sixty, eight and twenty. Wind let's see here about seven miles an hour or eleven kilometers an hour qualifying day picks up though for Race Day fifteen miles an hour out of the what is that the South West or to. Our but the big disparity here is in precipitation two percent on qualifying day race day. Forty. Oh. Nice. Yeah that's beautiful. Oh my goodness. Yeah high humidity on both days though. Yeah. That should be well have to see I think it's going to be a fun race regardless if we got a little bit. It rain, but it could end up being a very interesting. Weekend if we get a little bit of spitting on track. What we've got some interesting battles in the driver's championship not in the Front Lewis Hamilton has two hundred and thirty points, voucher. Botas. Sixty nine points behind one hundred, sixty, one max for step in as unearned forty seven. Then we've got Danny Rick in fourth place with seventy eight. Sergio. Perez in fifth place with sixty eight and then Landau Norris sixty five Alex album was sixty four Charlotte Clare was sixty three. Lance Stroll in ninth place with fifty seven pr gas got fifty three. Carlos. Sainz has fifty one. And a bit of a jump back to estimate O'Connor twelfth with thirty six. Specimen federal has seventeen. It's about to come up. Fourteen and Number Fifteen Nego Berg. Hang in there, ten points then seventy ahead of Antonio G. of Nazi kimmy Raikkonen and Roman garage. Both have two points came with one and the Nicholas Latifi and George Russell with Zero Nego Hulk umbrella. How many just do to two races this year? Yeah. Ten points he's qualified he's he's higher than six other drivers that's phone. Joh- In in construction. Ladies on top with three, hundred, ninety, one, red bull has two hundred and eleven. Racing Point has one hundred and twenty. This is also pretty close. McLaren has one hundred, sixteen and Reynaud has hundred and fourteen. So third. Totally up for grabs, lot of money who would have thought it was up for grabs the start of the season who would have set. Of the top three let alone the top five. Yeah. They're in six with eighty points. Tower has sixty seven. Alpha male has five Gene Haas team with three and Williams still with goose egg come on Williams. Make It, happen. Some rain this weekend. If. You'd like to make fantasies happen. You can so shift if one. Join. With the link in the show notes. should we take some emails Danny Stewart shift therefore podcast dot com or F. One dot. Cool. Sorry. Everyone dot com slash emails I'll take this first one. Hi, guys interesting. Thing I found in the official Honda. Sorry this is from Poland and. Official, Honda exit press release, which is linked here we'll put in the show notes they explicitly mention, f..

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