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We didn't have our taken team. Yes mclovin does the Syracuse coming within thirty points of Clemson count is a shock of the year that was. That was surprising. Todd was actually talking trash on our tax chain a little bit six point game at one point it was twenty, seven, twenty, one, six, zero at that point a six point game. Gave them a little scarily? Just came apart immediately if you test. In the big ten big ten protocol at least twenty one days. At least twenty one days. So he'll Miss Nebraska Purdue and Michigan Yeah Paul? Yeah you could return a practice after fourteen days of testing cleanly but not to competition so that would be three weeks. Yes. Did you see where the reporter was asking about the CLEMSON's lack of g in the game and Trevor Lawrence had said that in a subsequent press conference and Dabo Sweeney got all you know sensitive on the nobody's going to ask me any positive questions here get guy like dude lighten up. Know. Not Everybody. You know these reporters are reporters they gotta ask questions and Trevor Lauraingraham quarterback questioned the energy level of your team. Dabble got all sensitive here. Easy. They're Dabbo mine the wrong room didn't we win the Winnington. Don't take yourself so seriously. I. Am on the wrong room but I thought we won the game against me some positive questions here. Yes. The exact opposite problem when he's the jets coach next year. Now. He's not going anywhere. If he has a hard time handling these questions. Oh. My God you put him in New York now that that wouldn't be good. Later you're gonNA ask me anything. Nice. We did win the game. Yeah, your own quarterback is the one who said that you guys lacked energy. And we'll take a break more phone calls and give you our best in worse to the weekend up next the popular Chris, Simms will join us on loan from football night in America Antonio Brown a good pickup for the buccaneers among the topics that will discuss we're back after this on the Dan..

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