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U. S producing about 10% less oil than pre pandemic supply, not keeping up with demand. It has early push Wang questioning her life choices. Do I want to go on long road trips? How much do I want to be commuting? We went to from home more often. If I have the option Westerns, many Americans are asking. Dave Packer ABC News weekend Services back all across Mbita commuter rail lines. New Weekend schedules are now available to all lines. You can check the website for more details and info. Weekend trains were cut back on most lines back in January. Now in accordance with CDC guidelines. Facemasks F Y I are still required for all Mbita writers and also for anyone in an Mbita station at any time back to the roads right now, it is 10 03 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, David Good Morning. Happy fourth. Good morning, Tina. Happy Fourth to you to west of the city in Worcester on to 90 East found a big pothole before route 1 90 has caused At least three disabled vehicles so far, so that's something to be on the lookout for on route 4 95 that's looking good through Littleton and Lowell and Lawrence on the North Shore. We've had a top of the brakes approaching the ramp from 1 28 north, getting on to 95 north and PB possible spin out there. Otherwise, 95 is looking good to and through New Hampshire. South of the city has spin out on the ramp from the lower end of 93 getting onto 95 South and Canton. We've had a couple of these here this morning. Otherwise on 95. It's under 25 minutes between here and the Rhode Island State line. Backups at the Cape Cod Bridges like traffic on the expressway in around downtown David Stuff, Alino WBZ traffic on the three's the Year 2021 marks Subaru of New England's golden anniversary and we're proudly celebrating 50 years of love to learn more about our 50th anniversary. Visit Subaru of New England dot com. And now you're whether it is 10 4. Mostly cloudy on this independence day and still on the cooler side with some showers. Today, likely high around 70 Today. More clouds and showers coming tonight, dropping to about 58 degrees..

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