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I'm look like a relay daytoday rahman invited this world that they're building that they say that the and i liked the cast young and yeah like the stuff that i've seen them really in i'm gonna put it above i'm gonna put a below dead poll yeah comb so that's l list run of what we said but some can arrange that that will be perfect for me it's ackerman venues infinity while those the ones that i think with the worst will probably be docked by next year because it'll be like xmen apocalypse all absolutely they had for some reason i haven't was idealized i didn't even height at the time but the my handed as an ally well that's that's found isn't et is dead it that's the bloody show with myself i'd be can represent all dressy obviously way i k l let's say you can if you want as i can get a well we plan applauded djamolin facebook and twitter and band camp on at wikipedia brown on twitter mr sunday mood you also got at the weekly planet that's our friend rub calling he knows all the stuff when he's a very helpful mandy could also go to planet broadcasting great mites which is al facebook group goals catherine andrew levin's put that again it's got it's got more than a thousand members already really mknal then more than one thousand one you want i checked and it was a thousand and thirty five senate exemplary good and you're in there and nobody there at some point would just if you want to chat any planet broadcasting related topics you were told by now show your auto at all the shows you ought to recommend 'nother show on us what in a bloody isn't is a thread that's like what's he favored episodes of all the other.

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