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That evening, dot rather com. from my friend, Sarah Come back Carter, tomorrow morning for Armstrong who's and Getty. been Six till ten. doing We're as iheartradio. much as anybody out there to try to get to the truth Talk. of just Six what happened fifty with K this S whole. T Rancho Cordova. Effort to tie -cremento Trump to NBC Russia, News collusion, Radio. all the I'm rest Richard of it. Jordan. But Evacuation let me give you the details orders are being of issued this. And for then we'll over a million dive in people together. And as why hurricane it matters. Florence approaches. The southeastern This is from US the a category. Representative Four hurricane Mark meadows is taking a path for who a direct has sent a letter hit to deputy on the Carolina. attorney general Coast rod this Rosenstein, Thursday, saying, North quote, Carolina. a review Governor ROY of Cooper doc has of new issued documents a state of emergency raises the forecast grave concerns places regarding North an apparent Carolina systemic culture in the bulls of media eye leaking of hurricane by Florence, high South level Carolina. officials Governor Henry McMaster at has the FBI ordered everyone and DOJ on related the state's to ongoing coast to investigations move inland, and in Virginia their review. governor The Ralph documents Northam suggest has that the issued F B I evacuation and DOJ orders coordinated for low efforts lying to get areas information of the coast to the press Olivia is that now would potentially a tropical storm be as harmful it takes to the pre aim on President Hawaii Trump's administration the less update placed those Olivia leaks pretend at four to information hundred fifteen regarding miles the foreign east intelligence northeast surveillance of Hilo court moving warrant to used the west to spy at nine on miles short-term per hour. The campaign. big island Volunteer and Maui Carter county page, are under a tropical folks. storm warning. While walk who What has a tropical the storm heck watch in is effect going on top here. advisors for pope Francis Why say would the you Vatican have is preparing FBI to respond DOJ to bombshell accusations made by trying an Italian to get archbishop. information Brian shook to has details. the press? Okay. They are now accused of seeding the media with what is sensually apple research on Trump that they acquired using the processes of the federal government's surveillance and intelligence apparatus in this case Pfizer this is. If you want to go back a few decades, you would have people saying, oh my gosh. This is going to be abused one day. Exactly. Like this. And I think most Americans say no come on. If you go back the year two thousand you go back whenever you get back two years ago. Forget about two years ago, you go back and people would say they would never we trust the federal government too much. Most people not everybody would say, they would never use this in such politicized fashion. Well, here we are this is when you when you raise the concerns about giving a federal federal organization this kind of opportunity when you raise the possibility of getting this sort of. You know, you raise the possibility of getting this degree of collusion. Should I say in these situations? Then, you know, folks, this is this is the nightmare situation. We're looking at right now you've got Lisa page. This is the letter that Mark meadows sent and Sarah Sarah Carter writing about this on her website and getting picked up and published everywhere. Now, you've got Lisa page. Getting congratulated on April twelve twenty seventeen on a job. Well, done referring to to derogatory articles about Carter page in the tax. Struck warns page two articles are coming out one which is worse than the other about Lisa's namesake. Struck added well done page. Why this is not their role folks senior FBI and senior DOJ lawyer here. This is not what they're or senior FBI lawyers south. They're supposed to do. So they're they're supposed to be up to here. Here's what the letter from meadows to the DOJ says about April twelfth April tenth two thousand seventeen former FBI special agent Peter Struck contacts, former FBI attorney Lisa page to discuss a media leaks strategy specifically the tech says I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you. I want to talk to you about a media leaks strategy with DOJ before you go. They are using secret information to push perception, they are using secret information to create this boogeyman story of Carter page, and I know we talked about popadopoulos at the top of the show. I just wanna say folks, they have no ground to stand on here. Popadopoulos and Carter page or not only not national security threats. But no, honest serious person could ever think that either of them was worth the kind of attention and efforts that they were given by the federal government. No one could believe that. No, one could think that this is really what needed to happen here. It was political. And that's why you have a leak strategy going on because they needed the public to think these guys were ordered the Carter page was a bigger deal. Right. Remember, the this is after the FIS or this is after it all happened. So they wanted to create the perception after the fact, and this is my theory all along some of the people involved in the early stages of Russia collusion. I think we're true believers they were wrong. They were crazy, but they were true believers some of the others saw an opportunity, right? This is the truth is always more complicated. I. Oh, people want always boil this down at his one line or one slogan, but some of the other anti-trumpers in DOJ and FBI sawn opportunity because of some of the true believers like Brennan, and you know, who who knows Clapper some of the Intel agency guys are used to operating outside of the realm of of you know, criminal legal proceedings. So they just get information. They used the information. They don't really have to think as much about where it comes from or how they're going to necessarily. Well, how how worried they have to be about any domestic impact of it. Because they're supposed they're supposed to be focused only on what's going on overseas. But then some others who just hated Trump the Peter Struck variety who by the way after that guy testified in front of in front of congress, everything that I thought about him was confirmed with user cannot tell me that I'm not gonna do this thing. And I'm not going to be there and defend my country. Search a weird guy, and and everything that thought about him. I just it was to me made even more clear when I saw that. But he saw an opportunity I think to push and to use this as a weapon against the Trump campaign during the campaign, the whole collusion narrative, and that's why they went after Carter page they were looking for a pretext, and then once they had done it, and it came out, and this was going to come out, then they had to cover the tracks by creating a legitimate inquiry out of all this. They they they had to drill down into it. And find a way to make it seem like they weren't just. Trying to justify spying on the Trump campaign, which what was going on. I mean, this this is a huge scandal. And this undermines law enforcement at undermines the intelligence agencies. And I just want us to have. I want us to get answers here, folks. I really do. I wanna know why is it that Lisa page, and Peter Struck would be discussing a media leaks strategy when you're talking about things like Pfizer leaks to the media. Get your central prison. This is really serious stuff. This is not normal conversation. And and I would also note that that struck must've been so arrogant to be having these conversations on FBI devices and thinking that that was not going to be any kind of a problem for him. That is that's just insane. This guy's a counterintelligence deputy chief of the FBI, and he can't even use a device that's not gonna get subpoenaed right away. You can't cover his tracks better than that. There's an incompetent comp- component of all this too. But this is my fear. We're we're just getting more information. You notice the the more we know about what really happened here. The better it looks for Trump and his associates the more we know about the DOJ and the FBI the more obvious. It becomes the more clearly politicized. It is with regard to the entire nation and everything that they did. So they want to run the clock out. They want to try and stonewall as much as they can slow roll it if they can't totally stonewall until after the Democrats take the house, and then they'll just flip the whole script and and try to they'll just completely. Sandbag? The Trump administration with endless subpoenas in inquiries in congressional hearings about everything in anything Trump related and we'll never get the answers here. But a media leaks strategy against a private citizen by that's what gets lost among us. Amidst amongst whatever one of those words amidst all this hubbub, the leaks strategy here is against a private citizen who to this day people walk around thinking he well, he he must have done something wrong. There must have been something Carter page related that was nefarious. Because the the the federal government would never spend so much time on somebody like this unless there was a real reason unless there is a real justification for and no that's not. That's actually, not true. The federal government can make all kinds of mistakes, especially when you have people in very senior levels who think that they're on a political jihad against Trump and using the government apparatus the deep state, which we know Israel against him in in that whole process Carter page what happened to civil liberties what happened to innocent until proven guilty me all these concepts that were supposed to hold sacred. They were just abandoned they were thrown out the window, and no one seems to want to bring them up right now because there's no way you could pretend to be a civil libertarian. There's no way you could pretend to care about any of these things when in reality. The Trump administration has been the target of not just a witch hunt. But the greatest abuse of power from the federal bureaucracy. Again, I can just speak to my in my lifetime. The greatest abuse of power against a. Political campaign that has has happened within within mine memory within mine, my knowledge, so good reporting for my friend, Sarah who by the way, is one of the nicest people on the planet, and if you ever get a chance to meet Sarah Carter, she's so cool. And so humble and does such good reporting. I'm a I'm a big fan, and she's single handedly like defending the Trump not just the Trump administration, but the Republic along with it. She single handedly defending the results of that election at sixty plus million people voted in four Trump. Folks, you need the best whenever it comes to background investigations, and vetting. That means when you're hiring somebody you want someone to check. 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