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Rec room area, full bathroom, wet bar and also wood burning fireplace. There's then the detach Ranch style guesthouse, which features a separate driveway. Covered front porch, two bedrooms, a full bath, living area and full kitchen, so definitely do not miss out on this opportunity and a prime Raleigh location. So if you would like to see pictures or get more information on this listing of the week at 75, 05 Holly Springs Road in Raleigh, text the word savvy and that is spelled s A V V Y. To the phone number 21,000 once again to get more details on 75 5 Holly Springs Road in Raleigh. Text the word savvy. To the phone number to 1000. That is just a really cool property. What a unique opportunity. Very cool space, no doubt about it and great price point to get in that area of Raleigh as well. It seems like so there's a really good opportunity on some bit of land in space as well. Which is great lots to like about this one. I really like that basement. I miss a basement. I loved girl up in a house that had a basement even though it wasn't like the traditional indoor access basement. We had one of those basements. They had, like you outside their house to go into the basement, But it was still just so much fun to have that as a kid. That's a base. You know what this basement is, like? Awesome like that's definitely lots of room to have some fun. Down there for sure. So somebody with with maybe some kids is going to love Get into that house. At least the kids will if they write exactly, No, that's a great space. Lots of potential in this home for sure. And I mean, already looks great throughout, but just, you know lots of things that you could certainly do in here. If you want to get pictures and more information about this home right now, Check it out. It's not gonna last long. Already. Lots of showings piling up. Text the word savvy to the number 21,000 again. That's text the word savvy to the number 21000 will text you right back with a link to click on in view. Our listing of the week on Holly Springs Road in Raleigh..

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