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Wow can't see you one of one of the story and of all the people that would be calling in right now on this by Friday you you definitely know that you have tremendous purpose yeah time really grateful for what I have wow and the bravery do you tell your story yes I do yes I do wow well and here at a homeless shelter here in a live in Charleston West Virginia by the way okay the and then along to her at a homeless shelter here in town and work with people that are your age is like my kids and my oldest son he's been in and out of in and out of jail and he's not homeless shelters and right now he's on a good path he's seen here with me and I still remember the homeless shelter and I volunteered to down here talk to young women and so is in has mental illness problems she and some of them you know have issues that they want to talk to the need a mother figure and I don't go in and try to replace their problems there's someone in you know just need an older woman to talk to and I just go in there and unfair to see if I can help okay SO you stay on the path you're on because it sounds like you're doing okay here yeah thank you right you we're.

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