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Responsible next. Week will explore the final murder that brought Myra Hindley and Ian Brady's Manchester murder spree to a halt as well as the terrible and tragic legacy. They left in their wake the stories we've all heard about serial killers, usually paint them as men who stalk capture and kill their victims alone. But what about those killers who have help solo serial killers may get much of the notoriety? Heidi, but serial killers who work in pairs have made their terrible Mark throughout history shocking. The world both with the severity of their crimes. And with the fact that these murderers were able to convince another person to help them kill most of us can't even convince our significant others to go jogging with us. It's even more difficult to imagine the manipulative power someone has to have to convince other person to help them kill child. And yet that's exactly what Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Did this story is so notorious that Myra Hindley still considered the most evil woman in the United Kingdom, but she didn't start out that way. No, she didn't Myra Hindley was born on July. Twenty third nineteen forty two in Manchester England to an impoverished family Meyer's father was an alcoholic. Her mother was one of many dissatisfied young women who married into the working class only to discover that she'd spend the rest of her life trapped there her early years. Probably explain a lot about the woman Myra would eventually grow up to be her parents beat her regularly as an infant so regularly. In fact, that neighbors new to warn her grandmother when it was happening when my resume. Her sister, Maureen was born in nineteen Forty-six Myers grandmother convinced their parents to give two year old Myra to her to raise under her grandmother's care Myra developed love for learning and escapist literature. She would tell anyone who asked that she wanted to find her own adventure someday, she became a great swimmer and a straight a student. Despite turning my Rover to her grandmother's care, her parents were still active in her life. They were determined to ensure Myra knew how to look after herself by any means necessary to her father that meant knowing how to fight in nineteen fifty when she was eight years old Myra won her first fight against a neighborhood. Boy, she blacked his eye and broke his teeth despite that incident Myra became known in her Manchester neighborhood as a trustworthy and popular babysitter. Parents happily left their children with her from nineteen fifty to nineteen fifty seven when my return fifteen. She lived a comfortable life as a good student, trusted babysitter and friendly neighborhood face and then tragedy struck in nineteen fifty seven.

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