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Keeps bouncing around inside my head, and it is hot. How can a nation that sends a fairly clear message gaining 10 seats in the house, probably protecting in the United States Senate? Not get the president that got all those candidates across the finish line. How can that president lose the same election that all of those people that he helped power to victory win? It seems a little you know, Whatever the opposite of intuitive is, that's what it is. Governor Huckabee Well, you know, Kevin, that is the 64,000 vote question right now, Well, said. I think the honest answer did a lot of the search looking for is will we have clarity on some of these controversies? Everything from the 89% vote in Wisconsin. How realistic is that They would have to have 900,000 same day registrations. Realistically get to that number. I mean, there's never been an 89%. Turn is great, right? It just It just doesn't happen now. Can it happen? It's possible. Is it plausible? Well, let's find out. What about all of the the unsigned ballots that on Lee voted in the presidential race and nothing else on the ballot because we have lots of reports of those across the country. Exactly, Um, Here's another one. Two states that normally are swing states that are razor sharp closed Florida and Ohio. They both have good voting systems in place. In voter integrity, the county system, they immediately came out of Trump wins handily in both states that we're supposed to be a toss up. And then suddenly everything just Isis. We don't hear anything. And then all the other states started shutting down and saying We're going to wait for the market count the votes. Kevin. I want to be very clear. I'm not saying there is widespread fraud, abuse and stealing because I don't know. But there are legitimate questions about the process that need to be answered. If we don't answer those questions, then you've got half the country who will never believe that. I don't want the Republicans the by Hillary and the Democrats. And then four years, saying not president. I'm just not going to want that to happen, But I don't want to know where they are and see right now. I haven't seen The presence. Of the RNC going into the ST and being the tip of the spear, which is normally what you would see happen, right? I've only seen in fact one quote from Rana McDaniel in the press in total since the election on Tuesday. Governor. Not only that You have leaders in the Republican Party that you know the Democrats spent 200. I believe it's 277. Million dollars on four Senate seats. The Mitch McConnell race, the Lindsey Graham race With Susan Collins race in the John Cornyn race. You add up what they spent against those candidates. It was 277. Million dollars, and those Republicans held the those seats by an average of like 6% across the board. It seems to me that there was a fairly strong message sent from the electorate when it came to the legislative Branch of the of the government in this election that is not translating and seems to be cognitively dissonant to what is happening in the presidential race. Is these counselor now being extended into next week? Well, it's a real concern. And I don't think we know the answer, and I won't again reiterate. I'm being very careful not to declare there's been fraud. R. Sometimes of shenanigans. I think there are a number of anecdotal indications that there were some problems right. We need to find And that's what I hope will in a very calm way, You know, not screaming and yelling and waving arms just in a very calm, methodical way. Get to the bottom of the questions that have been raised. And if there's legitimate reasons why these states Clift in the middle of the night and they conduct you meant it. On do it with validated balance. That's the key. It's not. You know this stuff that I hear. Well count every vote. No Count Emery Legal eagle, right? That distinction got to insist upon and it's not enough to overturn the entire margin, but we had yesterday on this show Ah credential Poll watcher that was in the Detroit Cobo Arena. Andi, you know, witness to an influx that came in at 3 45 in the morning of three of 38,000 ballots, and when they asked about the place of origin, they weren't allowed to know. And they were. They were not even allowed to get close to The balance is they were being unloaded. It was it was very there's a lot of these kind of anecdotal is you put it instances that go across the board and governor, I guess. You brought up the Hillary thing from four years ago, and I think it's really insightful. That way. We are as much now as we have been ever in our history. Divided nation that really sees things from two different worldviews. Well, there's there's the progressive left, and then there's the traditionalist, right and I don't know how we begin to bridge. That gap when what we do for our governance, the sends into this kind of crazy Frey. I mean, I just and you know that we didn't really have this in 16. But it's certainly the pollsters were certainly wrong in 16, and they were shocked, and certainly they were wrong again this time. They were spectacularly wrong. And first of all, I do think the polling industry as an industry in Spanish. I don't even think anybody ought to pretend that they're legitimately in a polling operation anymore because there's zero credibility. Right? Only credit was Trafalgar and Robert Haley in that group that that is very differently and had had a pretty accurate picture. They were laughed at and scorned is being idiots, but they were the only ones that proved to be right. There.

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