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Catering delivered as early as five AM breakfast taco and for Hida bars with all the fixings delivered set up and ready to go I need is with eight locations in northern Virginia adidas Corp dot com get told maybe today for huge fifty percent off all outerwear that's right every cozy coat jacket and vest is on sale for a huge fifty percent off but hurry it's one day only today at all maybe an old maybe dot com Fallon eleven nine excluded store clearance radio Tom nine eight nine Joe Joe on the radio number tonight by Jersey Mike's double the Jersey Mike's apt order head of the line Jersey Mike's be a server above most of you I know you want to be in on you are a waiter or waitress what happened was a deal actually happened last Saturday around one in the morning he's too drunk guys come in our he thought on making sexual comments if talking crap and I was so fed up with it yeah I just went back I ordered and take it I got all six of the thought is that came on it orders each and everyone of them I know on his sausages up your nose the schools are not self so this and use the key because it was tonight and you it was I needed we it was a no show it was easy cell phone put you first in Utah so the sing off key I I need to the strings he Chris Payne somebody's bills for a year and life changing wanting to check that one of two point seven KIIS and.

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