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Told me Good Girls on mytalk one, zero seven. One I'm Elliot caplin with my mom harmony and, yeah my, kid but he had to really petition for a segment. Today he did have a big week he. Did he had some things had some things had some great, things and that's why he's. Here ask. Her wolf of that is. Great, Hello John? Co. Yes and Of the bedroom next door to mine welcome Oscar, how's your, summer going by summer's gone pretty good I've it's been. Busy I'm finally going to have a couple. Of weeks to relax and what does that what is that, exactly I'm li- relax station. I'm going. To go on long walks. In, the in? The. Forest To be one with nature Be happening like every day I'll wake, up, at three o'clock afternoon no in the morning I was just going to say. That, I know a grandfather of. Yours who would like you to help him with weaving yeah we'll we'll get to that I had to. Hit the red. Carpet at the Starkey gala on. You've posted. Several videos on your blog I red carpet this is my first red. Carpet so far what I posted I posted like a highlight reel not because I have I, have my one question and it was what makes a person. Great year is so I we compile it all of those and made into, one video and then I also posted the full videos of Alan culture and Kyle Rudolph and there's more to come l.. Ellen, Coulter in case anyone. Is, forgotten. Used to be the. Announcer on David Letterman show yes. He was funny he yeah great a really fun interview his wife is very pretty too. Did. You notice that Yes she. Was really nice who was your favorite who who was the most exciting most engaging conversation would, you say that's hard I don't know maybe Allen Coulter I. Mean he was really fun then also Sinbad was really fun to talk to, ETA Justin men so there is an online rumor it's completely false by the way that Sindbad played a genie in a. Movie, called I believe it's. Called, shit. Zam it does not. Exist it's it's completely fair where. Did this come from We. Don't. Know it's like a. Giant giant surreal there. Was never a movie Zam No it's? Completely faith so I asked him about this and he was like you know. What the easiest way to kill a rumor is. Just to, say that it's true. So he said. That I'll be conspiracies were true. So yeah he was really fun Did you get, to speak my favorite of course on. The carpet is Billy Chris yes Billy crystal? Now, I don't know. If you really had a lot of time because he, came at the? End yeah so so what happens with the red carpet is in the beginning. It's just like a couple of people so you. Have, a, really list gets beyond Well not? The, whole thing there, was some really good in the beginning but like it Allen culture is in the beginning I. Know, Ben so was your name Danny Darcy Darcy win America's got talent, and I will I had a technical. Glitch I was playing the role of videography And the one? Interview I. Messed up was the one that. I think Oscar was the. Most excited about Darcy Lynn from Americans Photo I seemed to turn it on when we were saying goodbye and not have it on while she was What what what is. It her her puppet, I can't remember the name of. But it's the one she used in her original audition I would say Allie don't quit your day job Definitely wanted to high pressure situation so..

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