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You're not wrong Walter you're just an extremely stable genius on to suggest that that is the only opinion that matters and the staff opinion it has advanced in there is incorrect tell me I'm wrong if Microsoft wants a stupid money burning pit called high speed rail Microsoft can pay for it with their own money what Washington state does not need a high speed train to take people from Vancouver Washington in Vancouver BC and over to Spokane on any given day there's ten to twenty flights to these areas as freeways there's a bloated Amtrak train soon if there's gonna be a robotic cars will get you there north to Washington state cannot be trusted to build something like high speed rail California finally had to pull the plug on the wrong headed financial cancer but not before it became an object lesson on how to quadruple a budget all trying to build the train that is slower than flying costs more in Lee's left often from its main hubs than air travel in Washington state wash dot chose to build the tunnel that a smaller capacity than the freeway replaced has fewer useful exit points it will cost more to run than it would have to have revamped the old freeway and requires something like monthly cultures are regular closures to reboot it suffering check IT systems in Washington state big real estate developers a real customers of washed out and sound transit sure enough washed up bill to smaller free web but big developers can have new views to sell you do not Microsoft and if your tax money market stuff doesn't need any of your tax money Microsoft wants to pretend they're helping out with the five hundred thousand dollar study with the conclusion I think pre designed they want to train Microsoft can now weigh in with a five million dollars to push for the train is of her they might given Microsoft's well earned wealth that money doesn't rise to the level of worthy of having a CFO pick it up where it left on the floor of an office what Microsoft is afters capturing your money to build their trains that can have their employees in quite cars typing in Skype in their way to meetings from their new bedroom communities will you pay for them to travel because people have been conditioned to never expect rail in Washington state the come anywhere.

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