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Thank you folks. Welcome back once again. To ask the avenues. I am also lowered POB Sar it's just nice to be redeemed for once. Look you don't stop your squawk and I'm going to redeem my foot up your backside now. We got any questions today day. Or what are we got questions. Paul we got all kinds of questions. Well you just GonNa sit there grin and knock some kind of Egypt. Are you going to ask them. I think I might just sit here grin and a bit longer. You know you ain't never been close to but kicking than you are right now. Fine Paul Fine. We got a whole mess questions here. So I'll just fire match a one time deal. Just do your thing boy. I'm ready okay first question. Why are active black socks popular again with the crap? Is that supposed to mean. It's a question about socks. Doc Spa you know what socks are. Don't you getting closer boy. My Foot's getting itchy. You keep talking like that. There's GonNa be a but kicking for sure you got an answer to the question or what so. This is about some kind of current fashion. I guess here's the thing as long as you have socks on your feet wear them however you like. Just don't go walking around with no socks. That's a fungal infection infection waiting to happen and certainly to be bringing none of that to my house. I wear socks Paul. Good next question. Why do people talk on the phone? So loud how old boy don't get me started on this one. We could be here all night so you got nothing to say. It's a valid question. I mean I know that you talk loudly on the phone I do not occur Kushtia. Do Pa Heck you shot most of the time anyway. Eight no different. When you're on the phone no worry I get it? It's only because you're so dern old and you can't hear all that well out here better with my foot near behind really Paul really. That's the best you can come up with your slipping old man next question. Okay here's the next one. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Kinda stupid question is that I have a mindset. Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize we're close chuck Well well I saw your light on and I thought it was going on you. Some kind of bandit you here to rob the place. Oh well no gun away Paul I would. It's only ot now now. Paul put that dern gun away in disgrace I'll take him out boy hip and he's a bandit I'm well within my right to shoot him dead. Excuse me bring it on old man. I'm an old man with a Colt Python son. You ever try breathing with a bullet in your head. You don't scare me. I'm always ready to rumble. Good Lord would you two knock get off got trigger finger son. Just Gimme a reason. I know seventeen ways to kill a man with just my pinky. Now knock it off. I mean it right now knock it off off. Sorry now. What the heck are you doing here? Chuck we're trying to record a podcast segment. I'm sorry abner I truly but as I said I saw your light on and thought I'd drop been my wife is out of town and to tell the truth. I'm feeling a bit lonely Omar. Well yes and frankly I was hoping you of Virgil might want to go see a movie movie something tonight. Well Virgin here chuck and as you can see. Paul and I are busy. What were you thinking of going to see? Oh the new tough guy movie tough guy. Ah Love Tough Guy. Well I have an extra ticket Would you you know what you want to go with me. You drive and of course. What are we waiting for? Excellent Mr Francs. If we leave now we can stop off for a bite to eat my treat commie avenue. Let's do this slowdown now. You too. We got a segment to finish here. Oh come on on. We answered a couple of questions. Can't we be done. I don't know Paul. We got a responsibility towards the podcast. But it's tough guy. Oh fine you can go. Hey you got your phone on you. Do what time do you plan on being home. The movies a little over two hours long so ten. How about we say eleven? I might want to treat US Amash Mash cream. ooh that sounds smashing eleven. Then I don't know eleven's awfully late. Where will you be getting this ice cream? The dairy fix. Oh Yes most indefinitely the daddy fix. That's clearly other side of town. Look what if I text you once we leave the theater then. I'll text you again when we get to the dare effects and then one more text when we leave. Leave there and I'm on my way home. Text me when you get home too so the know your. They're safe deal deal all right then you can go. Do you have fun now. If you have a question for me or my Senate to ask the abner that Stephen Orioles dot com. And if it ain't stupid we.

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