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Rooms were just not even seeing that stuff in in this season and we saw a little bit of in the first episode. And it's like since then it's been All right let's do more of isaac alarcon and you're camera on stuff like that where that's fine for like a casual fan in that but this is the dallas cowboys that has a lot of star power on the teen. And there's a lot of dry like there's a lot of storylines that you can follow off this team. Yeah i find it very hard to believe that. This is the absolute best. Done they're filming. I think it's the best stuff that they're filming that they're allowed to us. I think that's actually add spot on. And i would agree with that because this isn't the first time that we've had international player on the team. This is definitely not the first time i feel like i know his mom better than any other person character on the show. And it's just like i'm happy for him that he's on the practice squad now but still like feels like a lot of time to be spending on one super minor character and to your point like yeah i mean i know. I know that Mccarthy had up the word on the street was i think he had it removed. Hbo removed from like the training. Camp hotel like list listings. Or whatever i think they weren't able to watch it or something like that or maybe he was discouraging on. So i definitely don't think it's something that's been like viewed as a. Yeah come on in like role give you anything. And it's definitely been boil down to some bare bones if you will for sure and i think the other mike mccarthy and things that key part in this. He's coming from green bay where they're not doing a lot of stuff like this. He's not getting mike. And i'm sure you know. He joked around at the start training camp. He drove his truck off the road. When jerry call them tell them that they were gonna do next. I i believe that at during that time whether it's a phone conversation another one. That was like fine. If we're gonna do this. But we gotta edit a lot of this stuff out. Because i don't want certain things from team meetings getting in there and stuff like that so i mean i'll i'll give you one example of something that is surprising there hasn't been any oven in and and technically there's been like i think it was five seconds of but you watch any previous hard knocks on the cowboys are nothing any of that. Juries always a prominent figure in these meetings. He's always sitting at the head table. We haven't any of that here whether it's personnel decisions anything like x. I'm interested to see if this final episode will have that because obviously is going to be all about cutting down the roster. But you just haven't seen a lot of hands on jerry jones stuff and for me personally like i feel like almost an entire episode. Just be done jerry. Because he's reached that point where he's kind of like you know it just funny anything he talks about just the way he describes. Things is entertaining. Like i'd rather there be more jerry. I know there's like ours fans that will complain. There's already too much series of like that. I actually think there needs to be more. I think that you turn to him when if there is going to be alive stuff off. Limits find scenes turned. Jerry talk to jerry about other. Things obviously incorporated the helicopter and thing and things of that nature but Yeah they're just. I don't think that they're putting stuff out there. I just find it hard to believe. I've just seen. I've been around too many practices this year too. Many training camps is back at the star. There's so many people involved on boom mics cameras producers that for this to be the absolute best of the best stuff that they they're just. I will never believe that i feel bad saying this and i know this is going to be the most unpopular opinion ever and i think i'm the only controversy. I'm telling you guys that drone shot was great but it was about two minutes too long. I was like i was like. Are we literally going to spend like three minutes out of twenty seven minutes. Show just doing an entire drone shot like i like. I dunno meeting to use it for filler. It was beautiful i. I'm i'm a broadcast. Journalism undergrad degree. Right so like. I respect the effort put into it but i was like. We're taking up a tenth of the episode on this drone shots like literally that's a bigger storyline than most anything that has come out of this season as far was that damn drone shot truly. I think it's all about what you enjoy. And i think that they're kind of in a tough spot because they're not just trying to give you the best like nfl inside behind the scene stuff. Which is all. I want right. If you think if you think you're being critical with that i'll be rose year. This might make me seem like a terrible person again. I don't care. I don't care about the family stuff. I really really don't like when you because again when you're talking about like when you're sitting there and you're looking at the clock like how many more minutes or left nece thing like a lot of the family stuff. I'm just kinda like i don't care right now. Like i want see more. Like i want really forty eight fifty minutes of just meeting room stuff talking about how they cut down the roster guys playing like. I think it's real interesting when people talk the one episode with joe philbin the offensive line coach rip in an isaac alarcon. Okay joe's ripping into isaac people think. Oh look at joe. He's he's dropping f bombs on isaac will. Is that interesting. He's not going to play. If he's dropping f bombs isaac. What do you think he's doing. We see all these preseason games when connor williams can't snap the ball and they really want him to be in a position of possibly even start at center like you don't think he's dropping f-bomb. Let's put that in there. They don't want that in there because then it's like this is the guy that really matters on the team you can drop those f. bombs isaac eller on because he's not going to factor in ashby. Does your seasons already over anyway. So any of that stuff i mean. Don't get me wrong. Like obviously try. Trayvon digs is kid is super cute. Yeah karas mom is hilarious. Isaac mom hilarious. And i get why they do it. This is hbo. This is because they want a big audience. But i'm saying just for me like when it gets goes parts like i'm just kinda like it doesn't do a lot for me. Left actually dive into that. A little bit in terms of the roster. Because i do when. I get your thoughts on that i feel like. Is there a position group that you feel like still. Has i loved thoughts on a physician group that you like has been upgrade the most soon this offseason and then one that you feel like yeah. I'm i definitely have some question marks. And i'm wondering why this team hasn't addressed these issues yet. Most improved by far is linebacker. Like that's been it's been outstanding. What they've done there I've i've found that very interesting. Just because we end the season with jalen. Smith saying you know watch the tape you know when being asked after that last game could be back next year will dangling came in the first thing he did was watched tape and then he went out and their biggest offseason. Acquisition in free agency was a linebacker in kano. Neil and then they add two linebackers one with their top draft. Pick another one in the fourth round. Which abril cox and now of some. They have tons of depth at linebacker. And so they're in a great spot there that that's been that's that that units can be night and day. I'm on that just what you most excited for on the defense by far is is not just that they have a lot of talent there. But there's a lot of our stability allowed different things that they can do and live different things..

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