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I just. I love a big deal because they're fun to write about and they're exciting. And you get us on Twitter spaces to talk and hang out with people. But I struggle. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do the deal. One potential route that has kind of convinced me the best so far is one that today de pouria mentioned on Twitter. He said he does really great work. His self suck is great. Everyone should read it. He was saying that people CEO Dan schulman has talked about PayPal want to become a super app in the past. Basically quoting that PayPal has claimed that they were going to create a digital wallet that will bring together disparate capabilities that range from payments to shopping, content to financial services into one super app. And so some people think that as PayPal starts to become a super up and needs to have content as part of that. So maybe Pinterest is like a content play. Meh. No. We hate it. I mean, the only thing Pinterest has done from a content perspective as far as I can tell is ruined Google image search. Because whenever you search for an image now, it's just Pinterest. Then it takes you to pinch us. And once you log in, I'm like, no, I just want to see the images. Stop, stop SEO in me. That is something though, you know? I feel like the fact that they are showing up that much, probably a force to be reckoned with on a force you want on your team. I mean, to be clear there are public company. They're big. Pinterest has passed the doesn't matter threshold. It's certainly does. But in a PayPal context, that's when I'm just a little more skeptical. On the super app point, I love it. I think we're also seeing square, go that route. They're trying to work on both a business facing payment service, and also a suite of consumer services to leverage the fact that they have this wide user base. And from that end cool. Maybe maybe the idea is that PayPal can bring instead of Pinterest bringing ecommerce to PayPal, maybe PayPal can bring ecommerce to Pinterest. And if that's the case, it's ironic because do you recall the very messy divorce between eBay and PayPal? I don't. I don't remember it at all, actually. Also, we just were about to get kicked out of our zoom. So that's good. Love that. So I just want to point out that you're not allowed to make me feel that old when I'm working late. That's not a lot..

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