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In place, for whatever the future date is. But, but that's that's rules. That's it that those same rules richer, local short-track and, and that's we I had growing up at punk Goto speedway. You had to meet your minimum ride height rules it was four inches for the body and six inches for the frame, and our fast trucks. And if that old metal square tubing didn't fit underneath the body at four inches. If it rubbed anywhere you got thrown out, granted, we were running big thousand pounds springs and nothing else back then. So now with, with, with pigtails springs and everything you do to, to make these trucks, lower to the ground and scrub the racetrack. 'cause lowers better and it's, it's just a it's an. Inexact science sometimes. And but the right rule will go away. And but that's that wasn't the case this weekend in Iowa. And, and we just have to live with it for now. It is the rule brackets Laskey has suggested NASCAR might want to consider taking its rulebook and taking out every other page just indiscriminately just rip them out. One by one is that something you being favor is sounds like there's too many rules right now across the board. There's a rule because someone pushed the, the gray area. And then they had to write it down. You know, they had to put it in writing and today's world you have to put everything in writing. So it's not that simple. It sounds great a no. It's not that simple. But man, if they would just look at it as a as are the boss like quit listening to everybody. I don't care what anybody says on the podcast like no fence to any of us, but our my vote shouldn't count, and neither should the media. Neither should the team owners like it should be like it's their sandbox. And they're like they jumped back and forth like no. This is ours L, but will listen to you, and then we'll know we're going to go this. It's like more iron ship up, run this thing. Thing and be transparent and be but understand what you're talking about and just make the call. And I think that if that would have been the case with, you know, you look at somebody like way not. And he's been my series director since I came in the truck series and we both kind of moved to these fifty series, about the same time and he's somebody in him BUSTER, and, like they they're real people, and they understand what's cheating. And what's not I know that they've put out this new rule. And it just covers all failures after the race. So it didn't matter if we had if we had a hundred motor with one hundred extra horsepower. We put a big space on it, you know, where we could get more power, or we were a little bit low on our front splitter. It's the same penalty. How do you have so many rules? And then you have one that just covers it all. And they say all our hands are tied. That's the rule. Well, first of all, they wouldn't even tell me what was going on. Nascar wouldn't talk to me after the race. So that's sort of what your disgruntled about is. You don't feel like it was handled with interacted with you on the competition side and the the NASCAR. Yeah. There's there's lots of things to be upset about I said already very biased right now. And I'm still upset. You know, and I will be for a long time, but it just feels the need to go and stop them in the dirt again. Man, even though there, ain't no dirt, and at gateway on the on the racing in within the walls, but I'll I'll have done a start and park there. We'll just go beat him again. Well, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Ross, we've had a lot of experience with this, overcoming adversity. I mean let's go back and look at the last year and you get the expanding opportunity last year were Chip Ganassi racing. Then you're raising for a win before the crash with Kevin Harvick and your debut in that car. Then he comes out and obviously has some unkind things to say toward you. And then two weeks later though you win at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The first time in the expanding series, you get announces the fulltime expanding driver can ASI racing's several weeks later. And then a month after that the ride goes away because the sponsorship disappear. So now you win a race and not even our later. It it's gone. You look at this. Like if you found yourself wondering, you know, why do these things always happen to me, this good bad good bad dynamic. Or is it just another opportunity.

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