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You're out across what sky deal and then i was like who going to get up on may recurrent brunner deserves to number two at it's not just about what you talk about it's how utah so easy just give us an example is not to what they say and bounce the ball back this is how smooth first a conversation that just a conversation i naidoo avoid extremes in a totally dominate but debuted known contribute aretha so basically just like tried to like a fucking robocall daca human being be like oh yes you love italy love italy two islands talk about italy what do you think of italy that's will they're fucking saying no what they're saying is that said i mike here i just love as i say something really graphic you know what i just love shutting hampshire's at my ass and then i would say i too low shoving hampshire's up my ass no no you don't have to say that you can go oh yeah hampshire's like my favorite pat bowie differ from the conversation that aiming siew uncomfortable it says here avoiding treatments for me dominate but derby noncountry of a an add to what they say about the ball back like linked with your pets did you have a pilot were uh all the back over there that was free smooth that's what i'm saying i see i would that that sounds difficult having a governor's ace and number three schatz secrets emotional personal information exchange during first state conversation permits powerful feelings of connection i guess i try to get like an embassy in that though because i remember like if i met some one and they like tried to have like a com like i don't alec my age don't really get along my sister or something like that i was like a secret though i mean it's like a person all i think they're referring to by where you hit the dead body yeah i you know so funny unlike soy quota with i was looking to ease as an example as new might slow kill someone had runway i don't think that's the best thing to do her first date is argued that where you you're where you hide the dead bodies offer hour in a psychologist at the state university of new york at stony brook is interested in how people fourmatch relationships and he's come up with an ingenious way of taking men and.

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