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I'm Liz Warner thirty four people are presumed dead after yesterday's tragic dive boat fire in the search has been suspended Santa Barbara county sheriff bill brown said this morning that the bodies of twenty victims have been recovered and divers have seen between four and six others in the sunken wreckage with needs to be stabilized before they can go in brown says the recovered remains include eleven females and nine males and DNA will need to be used to identify them speaking to reporters Coast Guard captain Monica Rochester says there were no locked doors on the boat lot of adrenaline lot of confusion and I think my best attack deduction is the member was from the the radio communicator which trying to ask for information there are no locked doors and accommodation space aboard these vessels it's open burning the only privacy that you have and I'm sure that you've seen because it's on the vessels website or curtains two men are dead and two others are injured after fiery rack in Pasadena last night the four men were inside a Toyota when it hit a pole over turn and burst into flames at the intersection of orange Grove Boulevard in Rosemont Avenue near the Rose Bowl around eleven PM all four men were between twenty three and twenty five the driver was one of the men who drive the cause of the crash is under investigation but speed is believed to have been a factor a couple that lives in the apartment complex nearby Justin and Kelly have told KTLA five they couldn't save the car's occupants I'm an EMT by profession so I wanted to rush out and do anything I could that's why I called and that's why yeah that's why my neighbor called me by thought that it was completely in golf there is nothing we can really do LA county gas prices rose again today but our streak of four consecutive increases of more than a penny a gallon is over gas prices rose four tenths of a cent to an average of three dollars and sixty seven cents after rising nearly nine cents a gallon over the four previous days talk radio so. ninety.

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