Rodney Arnold, Assault, Rape discussed on Sean Hannity


Hand on your back Behind your back. thirty-three-year-old rodney arnold's pants were down with his underwear showing the victim claims he offered to help carry furniture into her house then followed her in jumped on her and pinned her down arnold was booked into jail on kidnapping assault and rape charges just as his preliminary hearing was scheduled to begin a black male charge has been dismissed against suspended oklahoma highway patrol captain troy german the oklahoma is reporting that state attorney general mike hunter today dismissed the state's blackmail case against german german was accused of threatening to expose wrongdoing at the highway patrol unless he was promoted is attorney told the oklahoman german is planning to retire and it's not clear why but a driver veered off i thirty five and per cell overnight and plowed into a mobile home that driver sixty-six-year-old lawrence williams of buyers oklahoma was killed he was pinned underneath the mobile home no one inside the home was injured the ashes of oklahoma astronaut bill pogue who died five years ago at the age of eighty four are now orbiting earth they were put on boorda's spacecraft earlier this week along with the ashes of one hundred fifty other people and they were launched as part of a celestis memorial spaceflight pogue was born in oak kema he went to work for nasa in the sixties he spent eighty four days aboard the skylab space station in nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy.

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