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Okay. I'll I'm reading. Here we go coming down in three to an. Elliot normally on Mondays when we release this podcast. It is you and I talking to one hockey person sometimes coach sometimes a player today, a special treat talking to to former NHL others both have enjoyed success at the highest in the NHL, namely the Stanley Cup, the Hockey Hall of fame, the concept trophy and for the purposes of this podcast. It is the coming together of two former teammates in a business venture and Jeff has nerd out. Peter Forsberg, dude. Peter Forsberg include them you on the podcast this morning. Welcome to its will. Let Clode make the announcement here in a couple of seconds. But when I say, the names clothing MU and Peter Forsberg to me, toughness, grit, all those old school terms that get thrown around rightly apply to those types of players and winners and success. And these were players that on the ice can talk about off the ice after on the ice. Didn't allow anything to get in their way, they went generally through its if they couldn't go through it. They went around it. Elliott's mostly through it that made it so good hockey was so much fun than it's still fun. It's just different kinds of fun. It's one of the topics when you think about community think of before his break, what do you think of right away for each? Look they wanna live and at the end of the day. That's what you think of the most is winning because that's what it's all about. And they want. And with that we'll bring them on. And we'll do a little rap at the end and share some of our thoughts. In the meantime, here they are with their announcement Claude Lemieux and Peter Forsberg on thirty one thoughts the podcast brought to you by the next generation GMC Sierra then out..

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