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Closed. Indict trump. that's a midas touch ad right so so they put that out to remind us of all the things he said about how you know. He is the king what what was the king of taxes on the king of taxes. Well mr king of taxes our friend lauren. Mayer has a song for you. I think we need to hear it now. Just waiting for the computer to catch up here. We go all right. Take it away. Lauren mayer coming stale payroll tax and then covering the tracks. It's a crime you try to blitz pay on fringe benefits after years trump. Telling us he attacks g yes. He ran claimed in a sense by no means king of the tax code. It was more than a company car. This whole scheme ran pretty far. Big apartments expensive schools. It all broke of rules and it. You rather not do time down. Keep spreadsheets of your crime or brag us. God reigns beyond brains king of the tax code. Leona helmsley to say only little people pay trump say. She deserved her bruises and so well now his businesses on this The flip this house come on each deserve. What's common to then as things. Implode tromble plane be barely knew what a toes like. Alka pound. tax frauds will undo that king of the tax code king of the tax code lauren. mayer find her on Everywhere on the youtube facebook.

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