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I going to be that on or harassed or that sort of thing. So it's definitely on all of our like unconscious subconscious mind. Yeah and that's terrible to have have those thoughts in your head it is and to build Or stories I mean it's very relatable to me. I talked to my parents about moving to Singapore recently. Wow I'm very concerning concerned about their safety in their hell you know and I want to. We've literally explore other options for them to be safe and crazy because I got my siblings on board me that we've all agreed that we put our parents in the safest country cleans country ever move out America going to add to that to you because I've been talked a lot of my friends as well. Who HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING POSSIBILITY? Sending their for their parents to their home countries as well in so At a friend just last week I was on if he's call with her in. She shared that Jews concerned about the healthcare system in the US and also all this racism that was going around in so she actually had her mom and dad flight. Back to Taiwan until the settles down. Well see I'm not hearing any of those stories nuts that's deeply concerning It really is. Yeah well as we get near the end of our time here Let's let's kind of list out how people can find out more can donate by Merch. Let's start with the million dollar go fund me. How how can they find out about that and donate to that Brian? Sierra you can find us on a gofundme obviously get search for Asian so no refund emergency relief fund gossip. Find us on the main of website where he is a virus and Michelle and Tammy can talk more about that campaign and where to find the yes so we can utilize a one length that will kind of take us to all the different directions If you go to hash is a virus or at. He is a virus on twitter facebook or instagram. You'll find a linked tree That will take you to the go fund me the more about the movement on the website you can also look at the different t shirts to help support in fundraise for the Relief Fund And then also change your profile photo so all of that is under one link in the bio okay and for older listeners. All of that stuff. They don't do anything that maybe the best they can do is get to a web page is that we are uprising. Dot Com. Yes so we are uprise. Dot Com backslash. Paged pages backslash. Hey is a virus okay Because if they just type in hate is a virus in in Google which I did earlier today. It doesn't leave you to your page. Yeah so if you just type in Hashtag. His virus all one word in yeah the various links will show up on Google search super. Okay that you can't assume anything. They're they're a bunch of a digital immigrants out there listening to this podcast and they've got disposable income a bunch of them so you know and I'm sure they probably know some of these restaurant owners and and other Asian owned businesses So I I'm sure they would really like to help out and donate. We don't want to just leave it to your generation that's awesome. Thank you for the sport. Yeah so each one of you starting with Brian and then Tammy Michelle. Just some last thoughts that you wanna leave with our listeners. The amine for last thoughts is feeling right. Now is the time for not our time. We can make any difference that. WanNa may and if we band together right now we can definitely overcome all the struggles in fifty needs his born uplift each other during this off well said in jumping off of that too This is Tammy I just want to encourage everybody to take this time to band together and rather than spread hate spread. Love Love that. Get the last word. Michelle yes this is Michelle So there there are just so many reasons why we can all come together as a community in really celebrate all the positive things that are happening right now and by joining. Hey is the virus. I think it's GonNa take relief far in terms of helping our various small businesses and communities around around the world. So really appreciate it. I WanNa thank you for what you're doing I one of the things I have to say I I really love about haters. Virus is it's more than a catchphrase. It's it's more than just a platform to yell back at The hatred but you guys have really managed some very practical concrete things that have the potential to really help people in need and that's a rare these days and and so I want to commend. You three you inspire me that You know there. There's this whole generation of people including my daughter who does not take the status quo as immovable and unchangeable. And so I will do my part I will put out your links on all my social media feeds and Brian I promise I will donate to the go fund me campaign and Yeah you know this is not this is not something that should just be left your generation all of us especially who identify as some kind of Asian Pacific American islander. We need to realize that as we said at the outset of this episode is strengthened numbers. We need to join our voices. Join our funds join our energy join our will and to make sure that there's a stronger push back against the the hatred so that people realize that there's no place for that in this world. Thank you really appreciate A? Yeah thank you so much can much. You're welcome very much and I. I'm just going to be following your campaign and I expect good things to happen so again. Can't thank you enough for who you are and what you're doing and I will make sure that our our networks know about it issues. You feel free to take a selfie yourself. Please send it over our way. We'll photoshop the virus Okay I will. I'm planning you've already read my mind. Okay all right. Thank you again and Everyone keep your distance. Wash your hands. We did this episode social assistance from one another. So what is possible today because of digital technology all right take care everyone that he stood tall Took we be stood? Let's hear maiming..

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