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Will climb up to eighty five degrees this afternoon a bit higher humidity you'll feel the breeze coming from the south partly cloudy through the afternoon but increasing clouds overnight and a low of seventy one is that before sunrise tomorrow expect showers and thunderstorms as a cold front arrives we'll keep it up forty percent rain chance through the early afternoon otherwise the Hyatt AT and dryer again Friday in the boating forecast today southeast winds becoming south fifteen knots and see the TV news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann the air quality index is good right now partly cloudy seventy one degrees in Saint Petersburg seventy in Dunedin and sixty eight at your severe weather station newsradio WFLA next update at eight forty five hi Chris Franklin this report is sponsored by compassion international right now there's a child living in extreme poverty with no future and no hope but you can bring hope when you become a compassion international sponsor just text the word child two eight three three nine three and sponsor a child right now stay informed on all your Tampa Bay corona virus updates and news while trapped at home with your smart speaker just say Alexa play WFLA to listen twenty four seven to news radio W. FLA at first American home warranty they know furloughs of lost hours of put a strain on millions of homeowners and now an unexpected home repair expense could create financial hardship for many people protect yourself from the unexpected with the first American home warranty for as little as twenty five dollars a month customers are protected from covered expenses when major systems and appliances like dishwashers washers and dryers refrigerators water heaters and even air conditioners break down without warning when something goes wrong a local prescreen contractor will assess the problem and fix or replace your cover to plants or system last year alone first American home warranty paid out over one hundred seventy five million dollars in claim costs getting covered is easy and does not require an inspection or anyone coming into your home protect your budget from the unexpected call eight hundred nine zero eight fifty five fifty seven that's eight hundred nine zero eight fifty five fifty seven get peace of mind with the first American home warranty call eight hundred nine zero eight fifty five fifty seven that's eight hundred nine zero eight fifty five fifty seven additional customer costs may include covered failures due to normal wear and tear and service call fees please read warranty contractor details from a Florida central credit union all long traffic center we are looking pretty good throughout but Ellis county on the roads but we do have a problem in Hillsborough County that'll be in plant city state road sixty west bound there's an accident approaching James Redmond parkway blockage and delays near Clarence Gordon junior rose.

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