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And if I could, I would square also says at the cheapest version of the beverage can be found in South Dakota where the average PSL's three dollars and fifty six cents. Okay, that's so proud. The most expensive one is in Tennessee where costs about five dollars. That is so crazy. It's like the details. We can get about pumpkin spice lot. He's like, we should probably be using this information to like get a man on the moon. Billion percent. There has been a man on what about a woman on the moon? Hell. Yeah, I think you should go volunteers tribute, I get too homesick. Like I really would like I can barely leave the country without like being like, where am I? Who am I? Why is the toilet flush like this? So magin me on the moon notoriously also. I don't know about that outfit. I don't think it's your style. You know, the spacesuit I dunno moon boots, love him. I just got a new pair of moods. National are the cutest thing. You've still been wearing boots for ten years now since college and like they're so you know who really started the mood, trend Paris Hilton other than her, like somebody we know hill. Danny handler, she had them in every color shape size. I'm pretty sure when you came to visit us freshman year, like she was wearing them and you're like, oh, that's cute. I can wear those. And then he went off really. I need to think about where like nuts about them every color where I was first introduced to movies, I got them freshman year of college. I got pink ones. They took me all through college and like when it we used to snow at Colgate, like it would be, you would like if it wasn't a snow day, which would have been like a million inches, like just a normal day would have been like up to your knees in snow in the moods. Really just cut through all that. I had some good times Colgate. Yeah, in the snow. Was it snowing when I came came in late February, came in February, and then you came in September one, November while you really remembered all them get. One of your he won very was was freshman year. That was wild. Nobody also junior year, September eighteen with Danny. That was wild. We went to the beach. Nobody else came in other February. When all of your friends were brought to, that must have been junior again, now you. So you came twice that only sick when you got? Of course, I remember we will. And then senior year you guys came for my birthday and then he also came in June for my graduation. Yeah, because honestly, we didn't cover jockey. We came for slices pizza, which is literally the best seats on are the best. And I heard a rumor that slices closing and on literally it by the recipe and brought them pens. Reagan down here. I mean, honestly, it's a very crazy. It's like everyone goes to call just like we coach like, I don't know. I can't do. We'll go to Michigan like shut up seriously, shut up and like my sisters who don't feel strongly about anything like and if they do, it's pizza like there. New Yorkers. So they'll tell you new, your pizza's the best pizza like agree that slices at Colgate is the best pizza of all time. There's no doubt. Right? So it was like, it doesn't mean so much coming from like a college student like coming from you guys. That's like his true drove out no-doubt. So I'm so glad you agree. I'm going to Colgate in a month. You are going with Rebecca Indiana, which is kind of fun. Begin with our men then like show them real fun. Yeah, you're gonna stay at the Colgate it and very prestigious. Oh my God. That's amazing. So we'll go to do all those things that like you couldn't do remember there was like a country club type place like, yeah, used to go there, but it said golf course, and it will probably be too cold out, but they have a deletion fancy things. Yeah, like people go like apple picking and stuff off. Think about it. You know, you're fine. I just kind of wanted just walk around take pit totally..

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