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To Jack Taylor on the traffic center. Still slow traffic to deal with in Maryland, but. The good news is at least at this .95 going in the southbound direction as you approach route 100 in Elk ridge. We've got activity on the far left shoulder and activity on the far right shoulder. So now all your travel lanes are available. You will find an earlier wreck south on the bottom of Washington Parkway down near one 98. I think that also out of the roadway. Two 70s good to go between Bethesda and Frederick, no real issues between northeast and the bay bridge on 50, and it either direction were quiet on route four coming north on two ten and out of Waldorf on 5, everybody heads up toward the beltway with that early issue or a delay. They are in good shape. You should make the right out of Frederick two 70 south toward the lane divide. Definitely a holiday pace. Good shape in Virginia between Alexandria and mcclain, 66 good to go east and west between Gainesville and roslin, no troubles along I 95 north or south between Fredericksburg and Springfield. We did have activity in the district. Unfortunately, the investigation is ongoing in southeast. 51st street remains closed both ways between B and C streets. We're good-looking right across the freeway, third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95, I two 95, you're fine. The reminder of metro rail operating on a Sunday holiday schedule, metro bus is on a Sunday schedule, and there is no mark or VRE service today. Let's zoom Keras off and all the reseller partners support your agency around IT needs with karas federally focused 24/7 assistance. Learn more at count, on Keras off dot com. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Chad Merrill has the forecast. Plenty of cloud cover on your Labor Day, the showers will be west of IED one until late in the day when the shower is finally pushed east of the mountains. We're talking

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