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Selfie in a strip club restroom it's worth six years of his life he fired a gun during the polls and for that he's been sentenced to six years in prison thirty four old worn soren pleaded guilty in april to possessing a firearm and that's a problem because he is a convicted felon and a member of a gang called the asian proud i'd soren was at club lost in saint petersburg florida in december when his gun went off the bullet went through the mirror and through the wall and into the woman's restroom luckily noone was hurt a security guard stopped soared as he was leaving an sorin reportedly told the guard that it was an accident and that he was just trying to take a selfie police say they found a handgun ammunition and drugs on sorn soren has prior felony convictions for burglary and attempted firstdegree murder it's been forty years since the king of rock and roll elvis presley died ap's shows smith reports fans have for decades gathered at his grave at graceland but this year they found that it was going to cost them twenty eight thousand seventy five cents to pay their respects for the first time in nearly four decades elvis presley fans who visited greystone to commemorate the anniversary at his stat had to pay to walk past us grave and a lot of them were pretty upset at that one woman from los angeles said she didn't think als this would like it if he knew his fans were being charged to attend vigil some others fell sought different light at saint petersburg florida visitors says it goes along with the territory at the popularity of elvis elvis presley died of a heart attack august sixteen nineteen seventy seven in memphis tennessee he reported two years old i'm surely snack i you reach the high fashion hotline any didn't update heck i know my jeans their outdated then too old 84 tons of.

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