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So like Stewart and Ryan have just an ounce of patience here. They're also like a little bit justified because they're thinking in their best interest and you know Ryan Palmer and Stuart sink are guys that were probably FedExCup ranked 70th to 140th. And so in the past, they would play during these fall events and play while the likes of Rory and rom and the best players in the world were maybe taking a break in the fall like this was a chance for them to mop up some points. Stuart sinks last victory. When did it come? It came in the month of September at the Fortnite championship. I think a couple of years ago, maybe it was the fries dot com open. This is when those guys thrive. And so they're just kind of being selfish and speaking about themselves. But the whole resistance to change thing just shows a lack of understanding, lack of awareness and maybe a little bit of ignorance on the fact that the PGA Tour is going to get bodied this time of year. It doesn't matter what kind of tournaments are being hosted doesn't even matter what kind of purses are being hosted. College football, pro football are going to body pro golf this time of the year. So I think the PGA Tour needs to do some things that it's doing to inspire other sponsorships. Like if they're worried about sponsorships being devalued in the fall, the PGA Tour has a pretty great record of creating sponsorships out of thin air. And I think that they're going to do something with its fall chase that will most likely be sponsored. So have a little bit of patience, Ryan, and stew. And be open to change because you're probably your PGA Tour career is probably wouldn't have lasted this long without types of change in the schedule already. Strong takes, Sean. I think you're spot on because here's the deal. These guys have been very good PGA Tour players. They've been solid, steady members with high points, but things have to change. I think that's been the lesson of this that certain people on the PGA Tour I guess are still resisting the idea that look, no, no, no. We're actually doing things differently now. This wasn't just a bunch of talk and now, okay, yeah, yeah, but we're all still good, right? It's like, no, no, no. This is Ryan coming back to tell Michael Scott how things are going to be a little bit different now. And they actually do need to adapt to new time. To the credit of the head of the Astros foundation, which runs the Houston open. He was basically saying, look, this guy's name is Giles, kibbe, KI BBE. I'm not sure how we're saying that one. But let's go with Giles kibbe. He said, look, our goal was always to get back to the spring anyway. If we need to raise more money to fund the sponsorship, to work on the purse, we'll do that. You know, we've got a bunch of great community sponsors here, really like the attitude coming from our guide Giles. I think that there needs to be an acceptance that look we are crystallizing these changes. The fall is something else now. The fall is going to be for

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