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Extraordinary comeback for Liverpool against vows at Anfield. It really was the best. Forty eight hours for neutral entertainment. Wasn't it last year? Liverpool game and then the day later I add taking on spurs remember. I X one nil up after the first leg in London took a two nil lead. Then Megan three now. At Half Time Spurs need to school three they schooled three Nukus Mara with pretty much last cake game guaranteeing a place in the next round. This was one chills. There was very special indeed or not I know. Lucas still cries when he when he watches the goal that is called night. Incredible especially the third one right in time the last again. This is the kind of thing as the player you dream all play is removed and I would never do it and Lucas and Danny probably dreamed of. I'm not sure if he did it. And Lucas and I think it's just incredible to go through something like that. They didn't win the final doubt forever. We'll will hold them that semifinals they leg non Saddam. We've staff ever anyone who was on that page booth. I xe full for spurs flag. We're staying in their mind and if you're finding you were there. Even if you went out there will always stay forever as one coming. Did we. Tiny no it always say I took a to know laid very early on which pulled in three and a little bit but then it got half time and as bizarre as it sounds. I didn't think taught him rather because what happened. The previous night with little pole and Lucas Moore was absolutely sensational. Felt sorry from the first. Because I felt the Tottenham played in our. It is Hans told him needs from the but because they didn't have a physical presence from in I extract press high and Lucas from. He was very isolated. Nobody really talks about it but you rented was defining in this game. He came on a time. I think he was for one yama on they then had dot focal point out that physical presence and I still press in high the innocence view from probably a little bit naive. It's the troubled Tottenham rail to go over press wondering over to the over the prestige frenzy every single time. Lucas more gumbel dolphin and his pace then starts to take advantage of the occupation. I excited the buck. And it was a wonderful tactical. Now's from From Portugal half time say it was just a sensation a sensational week for prime unique teams in Europe because nobody expects it on August common. If Chris Wilder was in charge of spurs were they have won the final Danny. Yeah because it Batman Seldom Star Star. Didn't do thank.

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