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Eleven o'clock this is cbs news on the hour presented by progressive insurance i'm jim shanavie the secret is out north korean leader kim jong un did spend the past few days in beijing for meetings with chinese president xi jinping a reaffirmation of the two nations partnership amid a flurry of diplomatic activity involving south korea and the united states jason strother reports from seoul kim's visit to china his first known overseas travel since taking power in late two thousand eleven comes ahead of expected summits with south korean president moon jaein and president trump chinese news agency shinwa says kim told she jinping that the situation on the korean peninsula is improving he was quoted as saying that denuclearization can be resolved if seoul and washington show goodwill we've protesters disrupting sacramento city council meeting and again hitting the streets downtown tonight the california attorney general's office is now joining the investigation into the police shooting death of stefan clark an unarmed black man k o v rtd's l'amour abrahams partnership announced at a hastily organized tuesday morning news conference a day after clark's families high profile attorney along with civil rights activists held the road gathering at city hall pressing sacramento county's district attorney to step forward and she did to conduct a full fare an independent review of this shooting but the community wants more protesters say they won't give up until the da prosecutes the two officers who shot at step on clark twenty times good rights activists rally around the second amendment to the constitution and the right to keep and bear arms but if a former supreme court justice had his way the second amendment would be repealed elaine kiana reports cream court justice john paul stevens says the students marching for gun control should go a step further he says they should call for a complete repeal of the second amendment the former justice made the point in a new york times offset he says the second amendment came out of concern that a standing army could threaten the separate states stevens calls that concern quote a relic of the eighteenth century the ninety seven year old stevens was on the high court in two thousand eight when justices held that the second amendment gives individuals the.

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