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Every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Knee was 93.1 kfbk. Mostly sunny day ahead For today, Eyes of 62 to 66 will dip into the forties tonight under clear skies more Sun ahead tomorrow Wednesday and Thanksgiving highs near 60 tomorrow and Wednesday, Load him in sixties on Thanksgiving. Vacuum others. Bill Digger News 93.1 kfbk Sacramento You're holding at 41 degrees. Out of the stories that are trending on this Monday morning. California state prisons will soon offer video visits after the suspension of in person visits during the covert 19 pandemic. KFBK Jensen Raeder reports. The CDC are announced that the program will launch by Thanksgiving weekend for select prisons and roll out statewide by the end of the year. Eligible inmates will be allowed a free 30 minute video visit every 30 days starting on November 28th the first five prisons to roll out this program will be San Quentin State Prison, California Institution for Men, Mill Creek State Prison Valley State Prison and Central California Women's facility. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK, the government's Corona virus. Vaccine leaders says Herd immunity is possible, but most Americans will need to get vaccinated. Here's more from case because Mark Mayfield, 70% or so over the population being immunized with a love for true herd immunity to take place that is likely to happen somewhere in the month of May or in CNN's state of the union Doctor Moncef slow. We added that most people need to be vaccinated so normal life can return. Mark Mayfield News, 93.1 KFBK and other news This morning. Americans hoping to visit their northern neighbors might not be able to do so this year. KFBK correspondent Matt Matt Johnson reports. Canada just extended its border closure to December. 21st. The Prime minister tweeted the update Friday, hours before the restrictions were set to expire. The country's border has been closed since March 18th because of the Corona virus pandemic and renewed every month since I'm Matt Matt Johnson. Buster reacts after the United States withdraws from the open skies treaty. KFBK correspondent Bill Zamfir has details. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the move by the United States was not a surprise, but it would have negative consequences. This treaty includes 34 countries and allows armed flyovers of countries to observe military installations in other areas, Peskov said. Without the U. S. The treaty loses credibility and mutual trust and weapons control will be lost. Making the announcement, Secretary of State, Pompeo said it makes the United States more secure. I'm bill's emperor. Now it's 6 34 before we get to the national stories, Willie Brown is sounding off about Governor Newsome's trip to the French laundry in the party, of course, which made national headlines across the globe in East he basically says. Because he wasn't asked my friends, you know, how would you characterize is what would you say? And he says, I replied by saying he has apologized that he is clearly embarrassed by what he did. That it will take a toll on his national stature as it is the biggest political story since the election. This is what Willie Brown wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle. He says that Newsom will will pay a political price for this not just on a statewide Stora local scale, but also on the national front. Of course, there have been rumors that Newsome may someday try to run for president. There are also rumors that he may run for the United States Senate seat, which is currently held by Dianne Feinstein. So he has aspirations for higher office. But Willie Brown, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning that this will hurt him politically. This from a visual from an optics standpoint, a bummer. Well, it is for forgiven Newsome, You're right here. The top national stories. Drug maker AstraZeneca.

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