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Their own 30 set the game up to eight minutes and 50 seconds minutes. Thank you, Shawn Smith for resetting time Forming 41 27. Buffalo. Yes. So Alan got things back on track with the Bills. Last drive. Keep the separation going here is already over. 400 yards passing backfield Shotgun, Alan Pictures to his left. Singletary left won't get much. Maybe a yard and a half thought he might turn the corner break loose, but Marius Randall's ableto keep the edge and make the play. Small Adams There comes up limping on that play certainly can't afford to lose him just got back from a gorn. Injuries been out for four straight weeks. As you can see, this defense needs all the help it get already given up 41 points in the second row, 39 2 takes it fixes. The Singletary pumps now goes down the left side big ball for the 20 yard line and step on decks. Please. Just beyond his reach trade. Flowers was on his hip defending Adam to Shawn, right on the left. Semen digs had a step or two entree flowers, but the ball just a bit overthrown as Josh Allen has this big oven, Armas anyone in the NFL man and he's gonna want that back. You're right. If he hits him inside a supposed over the opposite side shoulder side. You're right. It's six. Safety Help should have kept that Holborn signed Filed 600 Gallon out 30 of 37 bills history, put up these kind of clothes over the middle across and catch a little shimmy shake and close to the first down. He's gonna be just short. TJ read defending seven yards so forth one of coming for the buffalo bills. This would be very aggressive here near midfield. If you decided the offense on the field, probably want to put this one away. See what Shawn McDermott decides to do 7 33 and counting here in the fourth quarter 415 yards for three touchdowns and a rushing Touchdown. Recurring back those numbers is the first bills history at least a hard count. Jump. That doesn't work. So a time out called by the Buffalo Bills. Interesting, though, Sean, I mean, if they were gonna pawn it, Why not just let it run out? It might actually be going forward. It's kind of hard to call a time out right away. If you're gonna put it away. You just let the clock expired, don't you? I can argue it both ways with you on look, you know, way more than I do. But I think I could make a sound argument on both sides, especially looking at the score of 41 27. I think they're gonna go for it now. Looks like they are putting the team on the field. I'm just surprised they didn't just take away what they were going along. You have two touchdowns. Timeouts. Maybe aren't that important? Agreed. And you give your kids a little more room If you take those five. This's only the second part of the day for the Buffalo Bills is the third year man up in Mexico on his heels on his own 31 stab will come from the 46. Deeper than normal because he wants that room to try and pin this deep sends it down the right side. It's gonna hit inside the tent and then going over end of the end zone for a touchback. So Russell Wilson of the Seahawks will start it up here again, but down 41 27. Ah, time left here, Sean, just say it. But if this game's felt like it's been over four different times, but This offense for the Seahawks best offense in the NFL. Statistically, I don't think it's ever over and maybe the clock hits zero. There's still seven minutes to go in this game. So way saw how quickly Russell Wilson scored his last time out Bills defense has got to make a stand here. They have three takeaways today, the bills defense does. Seattle came into the game later, the NFL with 32 touchdowns all offensive 22 by two set on. Wilson throws over the middle, incomplete intended receiver at the 30 yard line, and it was the Tide and Greg Olsen On just about every place, Shawn. I mean, you might as well just golden your cadence. When you call it. You could just say they're bringing pressure because I'm telling you that they've pressured almost every play, especially the second half. They do not want to let Russell Wilson have time to sit back there and pick him apart. They're bringing the heat. 21 33 Wilson is same formation. Now Wilson comes in lines up slot right to buy to still take five on the run. Is he throws dump it off. The locket makes the catch 25 crossing left to right and then force out of bounds by Mario Addison, eight on the play third down near the train sounding it Bill Stadium. It's a big point, absolutely probably four down territory for Seattle. But yet still you want to force him to get those situations. Great breather by Wilson's through right with Bloods. 32 28 Yard line trips left triangle formation with those receivers take pressuring 2nd 20 yard line A. J. Klein not allowed to We'll see. If they rule this a fumble. It sure looks like it. Another takeaway for the Buffalo Bill's on the second set strip of the afternoon. Now, four turnovers today for Russell Wilson. And rarely does he gets full. But that time has never saw climb. Coming off. The right edge was lined up. They had six men up front, only five blockers. A client just ran right through and hit Russell Wilson. In fact, actually, I don't see the replay. Unfortunately, that's one of the line. Russell Wilson thought he was protected because the right guard and right tackle Did not fan out and block climbed like they're supposed to men lined up on the edge there. They both blocked the defensive end. Either of them fanned out to have been the right tackle, fanning out on decline. That's why Russell Wilson was so surprised by the head football. Hands it off to Los running left side back line of scrimmage way that client hit Wilson. It looked like a dislodged a vital organ. I mean, unchecked, as you said, injured Seahawk down, it's read. It took me by surprise show because I know how smart.

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