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N. nature in dot com or check out the probiotic cooler section at whole foods fruitful yield or a favorite health food store others promise nature in delivers and now let's get to Steve Bernas president CEO of the better business bureau of Chicago and northern Illinois good to see a welcome Steve I've got a load of stuff to throw at you here are you ready I'm ready for you always okay first of all I'm sick of these robo calls I get on my on my cell phone here and they mask the number so half the time it is sometimes it even comes up your number a different number sometimes it looks like a familiar number what's going on with this and and there is it just me or is there more of these than ever now there's more than ever now that what happens is that consumers still believe caller ID and fortunately this game rules how to take care of that and change it around to make it close your numbers thinking Hey it's somebody I know or something my work number and that's why they want you to answer but yeah wrecked robo calls are are the number one you know probably number one call we're getting on the scams in a continuously do it the government's gonna crack down on it but I don't know how they're going to do it because the scammers don't care yeah and you know sometimes I get on my phone spam alert it'll say spam alert but not always not always right sometimes it catches sometimes it doesn't but again they keep a change number so rapidly within minutes of the changes they want to throw everything at the wall and sees what sticks and see who wins there's a once you answer you'll get more calls so we eat the better business bureau suggest don't answer call unless you know that color D. unless you know that person it shows otherwise like a voicemail but then then you can if they leave a number you can use that number in Google's reverse search it is you know just don't answer don't answer the phone calls is getting bad it's an election year do we have a lot of scammers using political issues to get your attention and they want you to donate so there and now specially after a debate last night they're going to you know people it's in people's minds so they're gonna send a fake Wrobel calls out to you asking to donate and actually not going to the party is going to a scammer they're asking for your credit card information and things of that nature is having across the nation so the owners calls if you do want to donate do you know investigate before you invest do the research on the ring and get some information from them in writing when we see a product and we see the better business bureau label there what is actually means it doesn't mean you've tested this doesn't mean we tested means they meet our credit a meter business practices are standards for business practices so that means that we know about them we have done some research on them and what they are verified business itself before we given the seal but again people fraudulent use our seal to so make certain if you see work at home offer making a million dollars with the better business bureau sales not a that's not true but my biggest frustration but he knows consumers don't call us first they call this after about companies we have all this information on companies that we can prevent them from losing their money or losing their life savings on some of them and we can actually give them good businesses to go to so we have accredited businesses it would take we give our seal to companies that we know so if you need a mobile waterproof for whatever may be snow plow you can come to the better business bureau give a list of the credit businesses we're talking with the president and CEO of the better business bureau here Steve Burnett Steve I saw this website and basically invites you to pay your credit card bill using this website and they will pay off all your credit card bills and it sounds here like it's easy to qualify you just.

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