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Is to give me a second chance in life with the help of the New York Times, he made a video asking Governor Greg Abbott to spare him the sister of that, and he killed agrees because he had changed. Jones also has the support of writers Silica Joad, who's got to know him through letters. He had an unimaginably Difficult childhood addiction and neglect. Abbott has only granted clemency once in the time he's been governor, Steve Cave and CBS News. The pace of executions in Texas has been dropping over the last decade. But the state still executes far more people than any other peeking in 2000 with 40 people executed. Speaking of the Lone Star State, Matthew McConaughey, hey is considering running for governor. The Oscar winning actor has been apparently feeling it out, making some calls to influential political people in the state for months Now he's been toying with the idea, but many blew it off as a PR stunt. But according to a poll conducted by the Dallas Morning News, 45% of Texan said they'd vote for him. 33% would vote for incumbent governor Greg Abbott. Would be seeking a third term in 2020 and 22% said they'd go with someone else. Makana hey, lives in Austin with his wife and three kids. It's still unclear what party he would run under. All right. Stacey Lynn CBS News Some big names like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are now officially in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Another one on that list is a local college coach. WBC's match Shearer in Massachusetts basketball courts There are two noteworthy coach Stephens is but only one of them got this call from the Basketball Hall of Fame would like to congratulate you on being one of the inductive. That's coach Barbara Stevens, formerly of the Bentley women's team. Hearing Those words after 43 years as a coach, and more than 1000 winds, made her pretty emotional. I was overwhelmed just as I have been all weekend, she spent her Saturday and Sunday of various Hall of Fame event. Meeting some other legends of the game and seeing her own name engraved in history. It's in a really nice display case. You know, there's a banner that represents our 35 no national championship season put, Steven says she hopes her community is proud and I think I speak for all of us when I say we are match hearer WBZ Boston's news radio. Last night, more than 22 people found themselves stuck on a roller coaster in Phoenix. The coaster was going around a horizontal loop. When it's stalled around 20 ft. Off the ground. Fire crews rescued the stranded writers. No one was hurt Joseph All Marez was one of them who had to be rescued. He says The rescue itself was scary because passengers had to jump from ladder toe ladder. We got off when he lifted, thank people.

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