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That's kinda thing right joke. That is that who would you wanna see in a hitman came as an left field. I don't know. I don't want to be able to kill hers. Yes. Muttering to himself. Oh, man. That'd be too on the nose be somebody that you. They've been getting pretty decently big names somebody with a sense of humor about being killed. I really don't. I don't want to. Yeah. Did you call it? Okay. Not bad. I think you get into a lot of reality star kind of like Kim kardashian's and hitman to and then I just put off by the whole. I don't know how you follow up. Gary and nearly impossible sort of Laurence Olivier starring in hitman to get the right? So somebody like hologram to park. You gotta kill the hologram park on plug. It kill the people who think the hologram is a good idea doing wine house. Now, are they? There's some tours going on who's going on tour next year a hologram, man. Man. I don't I know. don't know. Oh, yeah. Well, state of deceased star exploiting stars memory is such. Cover that. No, I was gonna say like I had some fucking credit card commercial came on the other day with. Let's go crazy playing just like I put my head in my hands man like princes in grave that somebody is using gently interview about why he hasn't done. Yeah. Oh, at least really give has some degenerate living thing. But like the reason he out of. Oh, yeah. Like, not he didn't want them to basically own and capture his moves. No he's had. He didn't want to do the matrix. 'cause they were going to digitize all of his shit wanted to make more matrix. He thought they would end up owning all martial arts. Copyright like movement. You'd be surprised get away with if you have a trillion dollars team of lawyers really esoteric kind of thing. But I was reading this article about early ballet, and how you if you didn't have like the dance person there. You can't really do a ballet from another country because there's no video or there's no way to know Tate dance. So in the early days, that's why you know about I ru Belarus's, how do you say the Russian bell arena? They travelled around the world because nobody could you can't can't fuck and copy it how are you going to take it back into your head? Like, oh, you do this thing. Too early. Sorry boy. Oh, you all a quarter. What does that what rule is that boring story, you're quarter? It's from kicking and screaming the first Noah baumbach movie. Okay. That's a good movie to to like it as well. Chris from Sturbridge by wife, always makes fun of me because I get into what she started referring to as my enhanced gaming position. When the going gets rough, and I've lost my lead or encountered a rather challenging part of the game. I can't be in lounge mood. I sit up both feet planted elbows on the knees forward. They firm grip on the controller for whatever reason. I can't game it. Well, if I'm reclining or lying down. Do you have an enhanced gaming position, or there's certain games or genres that bring it out more often than not curious to hear your thoughts and approved to my wife that my actions are actually played smash right? The first time with my friends in a few months this weekend. And I sat back for a while like my hands or hurting or whatever it was just watching them play. And sure enough whenever she got serious. It was the loon for. It was just fully and forward like you said fee planning on the ground like hunched up was on the knees. Exactly that there's some evolution advantage have more blood flow, your brain. So probably like the blood circling again, you have more for me. I think it's trying to get closer to the TV. Actually, actually do it like in the middle of destiny like single player stuff. I'm slumping on the couch and get into multiple air leaning, his close. We always play like two hour session and throughout the session. I will gradually get more horizontal, and that's what we refer to it as it's like because my breathing will be weighed on the Mike and how onto? Onto. Eighty degrees. Quite at the million degree in the mount TV above the bed. Just have maximum relaxation thing is have a long neck anyways..

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