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No no noses in about you of added value it's about some old miami dolphins and the things that happen with finances in sports that will just make your draw drop you've heard the stories about many ramirez getting pulled over and he's got you know like the last seven of his paychex her in the glove compartment um and it's you know it's it's tons of money that's just in his glove compartment this actually happened and i can't believe it happen i was talking to somebody yesterday and i was just amazed by it so tim bowens former defensive tackle for the miami dolphins had a bad experience very early in his career with a financial person and then became huge leap careful in a way that was not you know just to somewhere between cheapen paranoid in terms of where he would put his money and he got to the point that he had four million dollars in on cash paycheck and this would seem to be jarring i think to just about anyone listening until you consider that one of his teammates had more than that in on cashed paychecks and this is something that i've never considered the team trying to be sensitive hass to talk to them about this because not even in the nfl do you have the wherewithal to just if someone deposits all of a sudden four and five million dollars in checks where you're going to be able to have those checks clearer right because you just don't have that kind of money sitting wreck on the right like you don't have any of bowen's gashes all five million dollars an ounce the czechs mypillow chatter about because you can't point that much money because ever everyone houses cash and jagat singh and all that wifi million wasn't expecting but not even an nfl team right has the kind of liquid cash where you could just pay something like that out if somebody who's just.

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