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Fastball douger I bat of the day for Stephen, Doug rating to fifty eight is big leaguer started to take a few more walks which will definitely be a part of his game as he goes forward. He takes inside here but. Called a strike he thought it was too far in Mark Carlson called, it strike was right there on the black one. And one to Duggar. The giants would like for him just to. Get on base anyway he can't hear Uses speed and tiger in. The ninth inning Mccutchen waiting on deck, here's the pitch Duggar takes high type ball too If you're in attendance. Geek the Padres. Made an adjustment to their attendance Official number. Two one pitch Duggar swings and misses that. Fastballs right down the middle the ninety four and he missed. It too they had, initially, announced twenty nine thousand one hundred ninety eight Twenty nine thousand two hundred nine They found eleven more people Due to patch Here comes Duggar hits one foul and other fastball this time on the inside corner Two and two Gates the, numbers are impressive He has taken over this. Closer job of Brad hand, now with the Indians. Here. He bounces of slider good take by Duggar full-count, three to, forty, two appearances a. One five two ERA Essentially forty two innings he's. Given up only twenty five hits with fifty two strikeouts. Plus he's only allowed one, home run so you're. Late. Inning reliever you keep the ball in the ballpark, have swing, and, miss stuff It's been excellent for the Padres the Duggar three. Two is low did.

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