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As he gets near the thirty five yard line by Muhammad. Bury the junior out of Grayson Georgia came into the game with seventy five tackles. Leads nebraska. So as ten tackles for loss on the season. Second down and five in no hollow for the buckeyes Haskins out of Donald slow snap got to him. But will swing it out in the right black got tight end out there and Farrell pulls it in and has the first down as he gets inside the thirty down. Nebraska, twenty-six abrupt to try to bring pressure brought to safety in the middle. Linebacker drop the lime in L. But they were so slow getting their allow Haskins find his tied in for a first down. True freshman, Chris Alaba checks in to a slot left for Ohio State. Mclorin split wide to the right with hill in a slot. Right as well. Bring the tight end. Why the left empty backfield lots of time Haskins guns at over them off the hands of K J hill at the five yard line. And it falls into the end zone. Incomplete. Again, he had Caja here wide open step you deny Shaba sidestepping to rush and do it again high again when when quarterbacks are throwing the ball hard at least a little bit geeked up there. Lou excited you gotta kinda calmed down because he had him where he warning wide open in the middle of the field. Just over again a ball was tipped up that could have been intercepted Haskins as a strong. He's got candidate six foot three two hundred twenty pounds sophomore and. Straight. Handoff up from mental and Dobbins into the defensive backfield. Hit the twelve and falls inside the ten down to the nine yard line around right out of the shoot a touchdown saving tackle. And it'll be first and goal. Ohio State can do that run the ball with Dabo Weber. It's over the game is over your breast has no chance. Williams with the touchdown saving tackle. At least for the moment. It's I can goal of. This has been the problem area. Ohio State in the red zone in the last two weeks converted only four of eight chances all of them field goals. Dobbin straight ahead on first down all the way into the end zone. Touchdown Ohio State. No field goal for the buckeyes this time. What am I started? This was kind of like right in between the center and a guard, and he saw the whole open up sidestep little up, David move. And then through the whole for touchdown broker to tackle got into the zone. Jay Dobbins his fifth rushing touchdown of the season. Dobbins came into today needing only seventy six yards rushing to become a two thousand yard rusher in his career Weber is already there. And if he is able to do it. It'd be the first time the buckeyes I've ever had two running backs at the same time on the same team with two thousand yards or more hobble adds, the extra.

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