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Our plan what do you mean how do we want the happening they should be judged now it is the big deficit look i'm not a patriots fan but i just have to give credit where credit is due now i'd say this much now they should be a shame how to continue to rate is with that talk that that bad atp on the rails practices this should be ashamed of bet you knows you're gonna be a shame the seahawks they put the jackass suit early yield by by not run do what you do you got marsha late in the back for you whoa another atlanta run don't don't try to do something you would not be who you are the is case what i'm jim raider marcin okay well i i agree with brandon marshall to a degree in here's why like i don't think the league as a whole should be ashamed it cuts off at the nfc afc and in the afc east the buffalo bills who brandon marshall did not play for the new york jets he played for him the miami dolphins he played for new brand of mars with those retain never take a range from the new england this is why he's so strongly pills are have they been dominant yes but they've dominated him in his career in what he's tried to do with the opposing teams it within that division they play the patriots twice if there is body who can decide whether or not you don't have to go through new england two four a at least a single playoff game.

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