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This grand. That's it today. I'm a tiny bit still but not real sick. All you sound like never mind. I'll say like country Fokker. No I was just talking about milk in it. You sound like somebody over trying to get well. Nobody takes care of me so nothing to milk. My wife Cities God Dude. But anyway speaking of country he motherfucker. We're not just the other day we were just talking about first of all. Let me tell you this and this is really pissed me off and made me upset. Cram CON. They were jaded us so we won't be there this year as expected. I guess because we're pure shit I guess so I guess so. But if we'RE NOT ABSOLUTE PURE SHIT. Please write us on. Apple. Maybe next year we can get into crump. Gone All be great either. Write us on Apple Pie chaser or stitcher. Yeah way or spotify way yes spotify Google. Yeah Okay and I might add that link in our notes but speaking of hit while talking the other day we've gone road and I was like you know drew because we go to the gym every day together and we ride bat and I'm like you know city folk folk folk and by city folk. I mean if you've got a thousand people you've got a big acid folk but if they go and go shopping and they go back to their truck or car and they try to cry and it don't cry They call maybe take shots Sam to the damn expensive no city folk call roadside assistance or their husband. Why it'd be like call start? Oh No but you know True Truth Truth Huck and Contra Boys what we do is me tell you some we crack the hood we get a hammer we start man William Battery older battery. Okay and then we say it's good. Sure sure enough. Crank them right. Oh that's the difference. There's another difference. We used to go fishing and we will stay tonight at River. Loci we had no damn window onto trump no. It was too dark the time we had a win. Oh yeah but it was too hot summertime so we were sleeping. Oh for a few hours just to say this was a nice Ram with him when the Henry. Okay so we do have. We do have for the site. The compound Edward known as the how it be in me Andrew. It's hot as hell because it's the middle of summer which means in the nighttime it's about eight force well. She got rolled around the wind. As you know. But then you've got twenty million Mosquitos okay. I don't really know why we do. Well guess what. Guess what daddy does guess what stand us. You know what this time that we go fishing. My daughter's got a damn canopy. Hannah pee on her bed. That's fine looks like a mosquito net. My daughter don't want that canopy no more so I cut that shit off. That's exactly what I did. I cut the shit off. We go. He went to the river and this time. Guess what Roldan Windows Down because guess what Stan had some duct tape to gorilla tape we use real or not duck tape that canopy right to the to the windows. Guess what no more snow more mosquitoes spreading. It was pretty. It was cooler. It was cool and no mosquitoes think that idea. Yes well now about tell them about our Kurt before that they had to Redo before that I just wanted to say in wants whenever we were driving the grain truck at he got into Iraq. We stopped at this place. I've been in a few red. Yeah in every wreck totals my vehicle in Achim. We stopped at this place. I so the truck of course will not crank. We popped up the hood. We fiddled with it and then Baghdad Bob Lanka. We banged it. It wasn't star so here comes this guy. He come over here now so us. Oh you need to jumpstart Pale notice. I know but do you. Do you have some heavy metal? Yep something have you ever rent or any pulled out the hammer Bam Bam Bam like. He was looking at us. The strangest way but guess what burn we said we said. Okay try it now. Bam you crank right up. So don't we go to podcast room and our occurred well. Curtain falls due to a curse. You called into your decorator put up a new damn thing to hold up a new current one the bitch. You'RE GONNA pay an honest. The other bars for a new curtain. Non Dot gorilla tape will work actually. I didn't use gorilla tape. That is the name. Oh that's why fail. You had to Redo it today. Yeah debris do well it fail the thing to on? Hold it the little ball thing will. That's gone so about my little so I've been the Middle Hook us was to hold it up and you just read that tape right around their whole. Just nice look at that. We have cast room one day. Mom Go we just stitched shit together with and it just as clean as day heels right up right. Those were just some Tom that other day. Just to let y'all know and that's how country always do 'cause comfortable can't survive. Can't you booze came from? Yes all right say grace and they've yanked and that we don't give a damn turn it as gopher. Please click that link on our show notes. Sleaze and rate us at this point in time. I don't give a shit if you write a one star but it would be nice to give us five because I do have mental health problems. She depressed and stuff so it would hurt my feelings and you wouldn't want me to kill myself so cheese then right as five stars and I won't Sadaqa Deal No. Please don't care whether I do or not bro. Shut the HALO H. You didn't even think of me. No God whatever dome somewhere anyways. Also go check out our instagram. Give us a follow on their where we put some stuff and you know stuff basically amount. That's about it if you won't see our Little rigged up curtain. I'll post that today. Hell Yeah so you can go see that and and we've got goes back not so we can't even walk out the noise walkout choice to make if y'all could see us if y'all were in our rain hopefully I wouldn't be able to fit because too many of you but if y'all were in our room this is some. I won't even say Ghetto Shit. This is some red neck mob ship. Okay we have got about. Our walls are stapled or old with with roses with roses. Foam mattress toppers walls walkout. That sound okay. We do have some nice expensive soundproof. Curtains and Fr- behind each of you know however the rest of this rheumatism. It's a redneck. She is fun We do have a have a house is not a home without a Dawson yes our weenie don or to enter birthday bag in. Houston this household three weeks three weenies well on the big ears a little wing. I know right. I'm the one that made you okay. Well anyways I think that we're going to go hit and jump on into these stories. Well you go first. It's Tom because okay. Well mine is all Marcus West. Alka Nath Road. I'm still horses to take. I'm going to have to take a drink of course because my throat so Gupta I heard comes good for your throat. But I'm not trying wildwood anybody. He'd be no that that's what I was told all right. I'm GONNA DO Marcus Wesson. And he's known as the Vampire King of Fresno the date March twelfth. Two thousand four this. He looks a mess picture. This officers are called to a scene. A West Hammond Avenue in Fresno California where a heated argument over custody breaking out. Once they're officer speak to Ruby Ortis and SOFINA Solorio along with some family members who are with them. They are worried to the point of panic. Claiming their children are being held captive inside the rundown office building. They are adamant that the man inside their uncle Marcus Wesson. It's going to hurt their children. So the police knock on the door to speak to Wesson and try to resolve the issue. A titanic which means a big motherfucker of a man with grain dreadlocks down to his waist. Nappy answers the door. How much you weigh fo o about wandered about the bat right? Turn not a follower what he say whenever they answered the door. Well you do miss. He was calm and cooperative. He agreed to turn over the children but he wants to tell him goodbye. I So we asked the officers to wait right there. White Rot there. Let me go us on Google car and closed the door. Nope well the neighbors later. Say that they heard gunshots. But but but the police deny hearing anything or whatever warrants without a warrant or any indication that there's a safety issue. The police don't have the authority to enter the Western House. So they wait however let me tell you they wait for nearly an hour and a fucking half. I think so. I don't care if I hear anything. It don't take an hour and a half to say Gerber no give. He was taking okay. They came to take the children. They came there and check out because people were frantic that he was going to hurt that. You Okay and they go and not to take children there. They were there to check on it. Okay take children or whatever but they not on the door. He answers looking like a fucking mess with dreadlocks down. Conway's loot like he's on crack right as a I'll turn or let me go by and then shut the door. They're like okay less. He can't go back an hour and a half later. They really that makes no sense. Some police officers are stupid whenever they're in training and have to endure the whole tasers test. I think it does something to their brain. Oh so I think so. Okay at least these author because we're tired after nearly an hour and a half full. Wesson walks out the front door but his clothes were covered in blood as he surrenders to the arresting officers. Other officers rush inside the House Am I. I think if it was an hour and a half now definitely you just hope. I'm maybe the Dory I don't care if I would have gotten if you would have gotten in any trouble. They love to make up stuff like some love to make up things about what happens in order for them to search a car or go into a household but yeah something about police insertion a call. This we'd way this what you always talkin. Oh but yeah this time. They can't make up. I don't like this. I can't see they can't make up a fricken story for them to go in and search the Damn House and the neighbors they did he that they heard gunshot and -opoly that but the police didn't hear none whatever their full shit anyway inside despite the sunny afternoon they just kill them children. That's what they did. They killed them. The building is dark and silent against one wall. Several coffins are stacked up then. They enter a back room inside that back room. Covered in blood is a pile of bodies. M- the vessel in any horror. Movie You've learnt never enter evacuating some of which are children each had been shot through the APP but because the bodies were in such a tangle it took many hours before the police could even determine how many victims there were and it was several days before they were all identified. Once they were these were the victims. That were stacked one on top of each other..

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