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Mark helprin he's out at nbc and hbo and showtime run big guide democrat supporter i know he says he's a journalist is right down the middle east not five hear it on on election night here's mark halpern on nbc on election night when he was over donald trump at one and he was still in shock where he couldn't believe the clinton was not going to be president here's what he had to say i can play with the electoral college map and get her to a majority still at over to seventy this is not done this was done done it was over by the time and he still couldn't admit that it was over so he's like oh no i i think we can still do it i think we got a prayer here i think we can still play with the the electoral college and getter their pleased we gotta gotta there is a guy who considers himself a journalist and a plea completely nonpartisan very very objective guy and he's like no no no i can still gator there i can get it i can play with the electoral college mapping get her to a majority still over to seventy this is not is that right well let's say you still working on it even if no state that's been projected flips by how do you get there with no state is projected flip even if no state that's been projected flits by the move over at the peninsula i didn't talk to any of them i should be clear but it's grim over there are some more junior rates coming and going it's a tough situation for the clintons they've got to figure out what to do i don't think trump wants to speak first but i think he might based on what i've and picking up you and i were on the air together sworn at around eight thirty talking with michigan governor for the jennifer granholm who was euphoric frankly this you can't see this on you know you'll you'll hear in the audio but if you watched the video he takes is is shoe off and he starts running it upper leg during the interview nah i didn't i would have been regarded creepy though if he did arrive who was euphoric frankly i'll almost gay do you think the clinton and her team her confidence got two overconfidence i saw gurna i'm over.

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