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Call. My Man Charlie Hoffman. I got I got I got to get going on. He paid tribute to outcast. That was agreed cultural culturally task house basketball wise to do you agree that. Westbrook and hard at the rockets having do agree it. Here's what I mean by that. I don't have them winning the championship. But I don't believe that you look at this roster in terms of they've made a decision Jay we going small we smallman and it really comes out. And it's not supposed to Daryl Morey about. This is what it comes down to this. James Harden a Russell Westbrook. If they play like the superstars they are going to beat them. In the way. Take anybody they can take anybody. It's just west of the whether or not they gonNA play likes installed postseason. You can't twenty percent fifteen point. You can't sit up ahead and let Damian Lillard give it to you if you the west because somebody likes to just use the hypothetical because of what happened laughs get against Dame Tom you James Harden as much as I don't think he choke like Max's said or whatever but I do believe obviously clearly. He's played better regular season that he's had deep into the playoffs. If James Harden shows up and he's Briggs is eight game and Russell Westbrook breaks his game and they're playing small ball who the hell they'll stop this offense as a as a betting man betting on that. I'm not kidding you're saying if I've seen it which is why I said you say. Do they have enough. Yes because if those dues bring that game. I think they could take anybody. I just don't know if they'll be able to bring that game against the clippers or the Lakers. That's me but I'm just looking at them office. I'm like my God who the Hell's GonNa stop them. They made a commitment to small ball. And I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. It's scaring the hell out of being a good way. Because I have no problem being h town June. It does not ask. I like h h down has been Betty Betty. Good to me because a lot of your opinions Stephen. A are based on the weather and other absolutely the weather absolutely without question whether the point that. I'm trying to make to you that whether it does matter in hot enough it does it. Does matter does go ahead. I agree with them. They have enough in the sense. That when you look at each piece they they have the guys who who do the job you want them to do. The team is constructed enough to win a championship. The question is are. The talents of some of those pieces pitched high enough to complement harden and Westbrook to win a title again. I think yes but they're not pitched so high that you would make them the favorites so it's possible that they can win. They have all the pieces and their talents are good enough that you can't rule them out but they're not want they're not the odds on favorite or the second most likely even to win. The thing that must be said is the commitment to small which I mentioned right away gives them the punchers chance increases the punchers chance that they have to win the whole thing. That commitment really is the reason that you can't rule them out when you look at the team that lost to Golden State in game seven at home. It took one of the worst shooting nights in the history of basketball for them to lose by single digits to a fully loaded. Katie Steph Curry Klay Thompson. Draymond Green Warriors team that wound up winning the championship. That's how much that's how good some of those rockets players were. But also the system the warriors way more talented than rockets on paper. That should not be a seven game. Series decided by single digits and yet it was and the only reason in my view. I know you feel differently. Steven you think this gold state words with a ratcheted up their game they needed to. Maybe they would've but in my view the rockets lost because bad shooting including by their leader. James Harden that's why I thought it was a choke jogging that guy to step up. He didn't he was missing shots but everyone was missing shots. When you look at this team they have the lengthy kind of switch defender that they need in Covington who can also shoot a three. They have the attacker in Westbrook and they can play five out because he can surround him with shooters. They can push the pace. They can do all the things they need to. Pj Tucker who can hit the corner three and could play defense and all the things they have all the pieces. You need to do it. But the talents aren't pitched high enough to make them favorites. Love watching this team. Play as a guard. It's like a glorified a basketball game and it's different because that's unique. Pov that we don't see in the game of basketball especially in the NBA. I don't think it's enough though and I'll say because strategy I got a chance to talk to a couple of scouts in one coach. And he said Hey Jay. This is when things are going to change when you get into the playoffs. We're going to designate. One person to meet Russell Westbrook off made Emmett shots early full length. So he doesn't get a running start so we limit him transition we will then in the half court back off of him and then play a man in the middle if you have bigs if your L. A. Or of your team like the clippers and you have mantras. Herro you play a Guy Centerfield this clogs paint. Stop Them from driving and half court so then it comes out. Do jump shooting now. I think James Harden could get hot. There is a question about him if you look at the history of him getting hot in the playoffs where he'd be. That's a legitimate question. But I start looking at other guys. Covington Era Gordon Ben mclemore Daniel House. Pj Tucker will they be able to make enough shots if you limit guys like Russell Westbrook and transition you make Russell and you make James Horan the guy even if he drops thirty a game. I don't think they have enough pieces to plays different styles of basketball than the way they play one style and if the thing that we've seen in the NBA you have to be able to change your style which you play. Well they can do them Jay. Our China don't have personnel. Challenge you on that there. Are there have been champions? That played a style and said this is what we're going to do which going do about the small. Boston relaunched small. I'm just simply saying that. They have been champions in the past. Whether it's the Bulls whether it's the Pistons whether it's the lake is whether it's the San Antonio Spurs this is who we are but those styles Biz Cowan. No no I'm not. I'm not challenging. I'm only challenging the notion that you must. You must be diverse. Okay in order to win. I'm saying that there are those that were not diverse. They like this. How we're going to beat you. Would you go do about it and what I love about Houston if this was Daniel House or it? This was every Gordon and somebody even do. I respect those guys. It would be different. The two cornerstones for this franchise right now. James Harden and Russell Westbrook would want saying we have enough where it what they're doing is letting you know we're coming. This is what we don't do. We don't force y'all you know what y'all when compared to do a damn thing about it. That's what they're saying. And that's what I like because the bottom line is that question more. We know what everybody else is going to. For the most part they're gonNA make him this shots. Okay they have good nice. They go have bad nights depending on what we think about the Houston Rockets. Is Dan Tony? System and James Harden Russell Westbrook feeding off the Russell. Westminster plan out of his mind. But I agree with you because that's the same thing I heard. We will have somebody following him wherever he goes. Make ALL MISS WE GO MIRROR. And where are we gonNA shadow where he goes James Heart? You know what he could bring you. GonNa let him dribble the ball and he'll dribble the ball and to ten twelve journals before he does something they're saying you we don't give a damn. How are you going to do it? We the ones that's going to do it. Go find out. I like that like but is that enough just because they say I'm not sorry guys that can say come on the show but is it always enough. All I'm saying to you is this. There are people who have said it and have backed.

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