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To play games or you can win money shots handle shout to you. Let's get back to the show. Aj did you watch any of the preseason games last night and if you did can you tell me why. I've got attacked by the internet's with me saying that. It appears as if matt jones is not gonna stink it. That's what my big takeaway from the night was last night watching him. His confidence his poise. The two minute to hurry up. It seems like he made no. Ma's he missed a couple of throws if he hits one donner who he is used to throw into. Jim waddell and not a cornerback from bemidji state and smith. Four two or something my car. He overthrows him by half yard is complete different night. I fear for everybody that mack jones is not gonna stink. I think he's going to be good. Jayhawk why are people upset by this because ryan mallett. Obviously ten years ago he had a good preseason game. I told joe flacco so you're going to be a fucking mvp. That's what people were told me. Because he threw a screen pass for a touchdown last night in look very comfortable. It's like no in also you didn't just throw check. Downs is average. Seven point something yards or what. It's just for me. I got attacked. I think because the hatred for the patriots. And i think that is something that on the opposite end of that as somebody who's a patriots fan the way he's feeling the complete opposite is how everybody else in the way. Connor feels is i year. Ever mother dynasty be dead forever and here we are year later and holy shit. We got fifty more years a super bowl football. Yeah pretty pumped. So that's what he's at okay. And that's where new england's at and i got a lotta check marks from the new england area re tweeting that tweet and there's a lot of masol's coming in like we're back but on the flip side. I think a lot of people thought that honesty was dead. We never going to have to hear from these motherfuckers again. After tom brady went down to tampa one of those super bowl. I think that is what people thought. I was implying. I'm not. I was just saying after the first preseason game with all that you can get out of reading the first preseason game i feel as if he's not gonna stink. I think he's gonna be really fucking good actually now. I don't know if he's going to be great but i think he's not gonna stink in. That is a nightmare for thirty one of the franchises who were celebrating their demise. Just a little bit ago. I think i i understand now more why people are coming at you. Yes so people are just fed up with the patriots went in there saying hey there time is done they we don't want to watch them dominate again. Hey who cares what like get over that but when it comes to i would be more worried. I'd be questioned. Who's gonna be our starting quarterback like you have. How do you feel about cam. I know he didn't throw the ball down. The field much didn't have many many opportunities. But cam still. Obviously we're not changing anything now. But i think you have to feel good about if you're a patriots like hey man we got some guys. Did you see see. Johnny smith catch to early. John looks like a guy. I think they're gonna need one more weapon if they want to keep up with the top of the nfc. Just i think they were allegedly in on julio so they might be thinking the same thing michael. Thomas seems like he was available. Maybe a couple of days ago. And i think new england's name got thrown out because they do have the capability to go in. Make a play there. But did you hear the pop when mack jones came on the field. Did you see that reaction. Didn't he have thought. I saw over minute standing. Oh oh yeah was fucking banana. land dude. They were going crazy for him. And we thought maybe boston connor here was over exaggerating. How excited he was for mac. Jones with every day came and new story or rumor or Fairy tale or folklore or tall tale about mack jones and every day. Connor was just eating. Like zeke at a. Just old zeke at a bulges agian going in. I think all of new england's feeling that way. I mean we've never really had like a rookie. First round quarterback come in and have like the hype and expectations around. Because like when. Tom came and obviously one ninety. Nine wasn't supposed to be the guy and we haven't had one. Maybe since ryan mallett if you wanna throw that guy's name back out there but that's everyone's so pumped you finally get a rookie quarterback go seven and nine. Maybe we can turn this whole thing. Looks like we will. Tom came in too though the patriots. The patriots made them the true without tom. There's no this is like troy. Aikman said jimmy. Johnson and jerry jones the hall of fame thing like those two. I guess had super beef. They've been friends since college. Freshman year of college roommates. Or something like that in goes. Hey hey listen up jimmy great hair k love the house down the keys beam in from It's a fox and do great on tv. I love you approach. I love you as a peer here at fox. You wanted to be the coach. Where without jerry. By the way just exactly same thing there. You would have been anywhere near the owner without jimmy okay. You do need that. Obviously be the tom bill bell. Check thing but you're right. That dynasty didn't start until drew brees took one of the hardest shots in the history of football. It took him to a hospital and then ended up retiring. Though yeah yeah sorry blitz drew brees is completely okay by the way he had broken lungs of herbs last year but drew. Bledsoe goes into the winery. After that shot that dynasty begins but matt jones potentially coming in being the first one fourteenth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth pick overall in the nfl draft after their first bad year forever. You know in in cham cameras up against it. Here cam very lovable. I love i love cam. Laughter what he did last year and then if he does anything wrong this year with the way there yet. That is a mac jonestown. I think until they are deemed. Otherwise camden deserve. Cam does not deserve it. He could have won more games last year. I guess but he didn't have a great roster around him so he just kinda in the situation. He's in there. But that is a mac jonestown right. Yeah absolutely you guys talked about it yesterday. Like the pocket presence. That type of stuff is so important and it just clearly already maxine to have a much better feel as boats cam who doesn't have a bad field. But everybody wants to see mac and he can make checks at the line with puts that cam has obviously struggled with struggle with last night which led to the j xiang forced fumble. Had to get the jitters out there on that i pass a little low guy caught it and then bill was out. It's fucking preseason challenging. What we have now. We have a third downplay cool. We'll work on a third down situations kind of how bill who also allegedly got upset with ron rivera. Time out with twenty one seconds left in preseason game. Bill belichick okay. What have we fucking doing all right. Where are we going to say though. Yeah i was agreeing with. Aj you guys are talking about like. It's great mac. I thought looked great last night. But you're not gonna win a lot of games sitting on the bench being the backup..

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