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-partment. They love when they move to the country house. They love all of her antics with the cigarettes chocolates, everything like she can do no wrong along Albany to. That's what they morning drive with John Phillips and Jillian barberie. Morning six to ten AM seven ninety ABC. So Bradley Cooper, good-looking impersonal. No one knows. And the thing I look at him. And I go, that's I hate people like is her horrific horrific funny because I read an article back when he was doing Ilias, and that he was quoted saying he had a horrible time there. He was depressed out of his mom. We we've been friends since then. And he's an amazing guy. We had a great time. But yeah, he was frustrated with his character. Here's a guy who was so unbelievably talented and knows about story structure and character and everything so well versed in he's just a film. You know nut. He just knows everything about it. He's classically trained in acting. And he stuck on the show. That was great. But there were two parts of that show. There was her life as a spy and her life in normal, you know, with her split. Yeah. And they didn't want the writing it was clear that this spice stuff. The action stuff was where it was happening, and he played a friend on the other side. So he was frustrated with that. But I kept telling him, and he reminds me of this to the states, I will take credit for that. I kept saying him. Do you gotta hold on because you and he wasn't going anywhere. He was he's an actor. He I said it's going to happen. It's going to happen for you. And I the experience that I had on stars born he is he's just born to do this. Dependable traffic right now. Southbound side of the one ten eight get a crash here. The two left walked already backing up toward the five. They should reopen lanes momentarily for you. Westbound sixty Soto clearing up a crash. Let's the right lane delays from Indiana. Northbound from a bad ditman on the five westbound sixty Zuza get a crash here with a big rig involves he'll walk in the opera. But is he Spanish busy from hacienda? And south fifty seven orange door to the ninety one throat work in the carpool lane and.

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