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A mind, bending story, full of death and murder. You're also a fan of the similarity. Similarly, blood splattered dialogue oriented Danghan rob a franchise. Of course, Greg talking on Allegra. If you're a PlayStation vita fan, I know you know, all these things, it's only fitting that their creators Kazutaka Kodaka and Kotaro Yuji Koshi of Dinger up and zero escape perspectively. I'm terrible Japanese names. It makes have joined up to form their own indie studio to Cayo. Games was revealed as part of a Famitsu magazine livestream earlier today during which the seven-member team introduced what currently has in production. There are four projects in the works at two games, kind of like Tokyo, but an extra games, this far, many of which resemble the dark anime sil- of dang and rob and zero escape. One game will be led by quota and it would no Lucia Kashi and itchy this, the pressure like it's throwbacks to Spanish and French class when you're up in front of the class, trying something. And it's the highest priority at the studio right now. It's not clear what the game will be about, but expect several teens entangled with miss murderous spirits in a fantasy world. Sounds right up there. Ali congrats them. I know huge number of best friends love hanging around and loves your escapes. That's cool to kill to kill, to kill to kill. You pronounce everything about it. And that's that's why job I did live in Japan for a year. What was that about? Why did you? I lived in Japan. I worked at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland accuster. This. You a singer there. Okay. I was I was peer. The leader of Mickey's adventure land, mardi gras and then I was a beat boxer in St. misfire acapella group. That's awesome for awhile. Yes. Pay the bills for about six years of my life. Holy crap. Really my Capella group. We won star search, and then I didn't off Broadway show that was completely Capello, which got me my first actual legit, theatrical witness that sort intern, like how old are us this? I feel for a and everybody. Three. Okay. Like twenty three the time. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I got a show called altar boys and that that led me getting an agent and getting Friday night lights and then never looked back. How old were you afraid. I was about twenty five playing a seventeen nobody. Whereas when I don't worry about it, Spiderman movies, right? Kevin token, the wire, it's perfect told me McGuire looks perfect, high school student who's a kid. It was like my son. No, he's not man. He's a full grown man laying there without a Spiderman. Anyways, I digress. Scott. I'm excited to see what two games is going to be up to give me so long till we get whatever the games actually going to be. If I wanted to know what came to the digital mom and shot group shops today, where would I go the official list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show hosts each and every weekday. Yes. Thanks for being there Kevin. I'm gonna miss you out today. I'm gonna lender. Remember our last show for me for a long time monk Nak can't do that today. Project cars to the Ferrari essentials pack. Boundless, I'm PlayStation four clause, a furry on PlayStation for NBA two k. nineteen. I'm PlayStation four Xbox One which an PC nefarious on PlayStation for super street. The game on PlayStation four.

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