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Shows coming up, we'll go back to the Bruins Eastern Conference champs. And how tough it is to be on the other side. Seven thirty three now traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. How are you doing? We have a couple of areas where we're not doing so well on four ninety five southbound out to the west, for example, backed up for close to two miles through Hopkinton, leftover from an earlier problem on the pike eastbound, there's a disabled truck. A little smoke is coming out of it before the westborough service plaza off to the side though. Not too much of a delay getting through their past that at slow a little bit around route thirty and then around one twenty eight to the supermarket overpass. South of town, twenty four northbound installed out for close to three miles getting by route one forty and then slow from one thirty nine to ninety three ninety three southbound is heavy from Braintree into canton, ninety five northbound heavy from neponset street to one twenty eight and one twenty eight northbound a little busy from their past one. Oh, nine north of the city to find out about the upper end of one twenty eight. We go to the muffler insurance copter, little assortment of slowdowns here. I want twenty eight southbound one of them is after ninety five by route one in the PD stretch. Then again, for mainstreet lynnfield down to ninety three and then finally pretty slow. From route three Burlington down pass through to Chris acronym, Opry insurance copter. I'm David struck. Lino WBZ's traffic on the threes, fifty four. It's cloudy in Boston. We'll see showers moving in today, especially late morning on high temp today. Sixty eight tonight, patchy.

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