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Pop culture knowledge she is smarter than Steve in the subject of Billboard music awards host which means that Stephanie you're not so smart for picking Steve that you won't be going home those movie passes but Stephanie will be going home with a shout out here on the don and Steve show as a consolation prize for hanging out with us today Stephanie the ears of the world are yours got out let's make the Hey Stephanie I'm sorry shot out to a robin in the house I'm really sorry I really try I just had a total brain fart really really a brain fart that's right seventy seven Kaghan tomorrow place every day in the don and see so we appreciate your time today thanks so much we have to check in the face of one of the Commons gains on dining unit there this month great yeah he Stephen you door you every day I get like five seconds on Facebook live every now and then what's it like to work with TV's Steve Patterson-UTI's can't be trusted on any topic I agree on anything you say that every bad thing about him I will agree with you yeah I do you come to the defense of your I can't there's nothing to defend something fun no let's see what's wrong with the tie breaker would have been okay in tiebreaker yes we I can always do the tiebreaker quest here's a thought no I'm just gonna throw this out yeah I think it's too complicated but you know what you could do okay this just everyone thing is everyone putting their guard down and just being open to ideas yes I'm not married to this and just got it after the game the winner can choose if he or she would like to all the all or nothing well only if the tie breaker is it has not been used okay so if you win in regulation you can say I would like to do double or nothing and then you the firm because for Donna who's really behind all time in this year she currently these are facts she could just say are you double or nothing I'm feeling good I want to roll the dice and then she could pick up two wins or if I'd today would have won today's tiebreaker then we each get one one it's a wash you know I mean ha in its initial we can yes I thought it could take about kind of a fun way for for Donna to catch up or for me to try to extend the lead it's that's one of the best interesting thought okay all right okay but just for fun these right now just for fun right now it's going to get ready yeah all right this is what we hi particular would have been identify this previous host of the Billboard music awards.

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