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It. Just started our training. So that's right in my training consists of here's what I do at every do a lot of these endurance races. But if I were ever run, the new marathon, I would have the same move, which is a sprint out in front of the pack. Just for a moment. Even at the beginning. The shoulder one day. There was a moment where your dad was. We'll be talking for that will capture that moment is undeniable you were leading the New York marathon. Yeah. And what I don't know what strategically is wrong with this plan by because I'm like, well, I could probably make it a quarter mile winning the marathon or practice. Bead have to work really hard to get in the first corral. Right. I think that would be nice. I'm very slippery person get myself place. I wanna be sure sure sure. Trust me getting to a place where I'm not technically supposed to be is not the issue. Concern going full sprint and then seizing up. And then me and trampled by the entire the New York marathon. I will say this. My most of my training just involves short bursts sprint from the from the starting line. Just so I can say for a moment. I was a winning the World Vision. Global six gay for clean water because really for me. Yes. It's a great cost. But I'm a winner. And even if I'm only winning a second. I that's better than having been at all. I think you have a wrong mental image of what the revision global six K for water is going to be like you can run in your neighborhood, you and some friends I understand register raise money, and it is running your neighborhood. That's like a family race. All y'all live there together. But true, but I'm running in Florida with the staff, and now that people know that we're hosting one. I mean, I'm expecting nothing less than busloads of listeners. Away. We definitely have seen on Twitter that there are some people that will be traveling to Florida to run with us. So you can you can humiliate them in person. Jesse? Even if even if the humiliation is like thirty yards. Talker for there to be ready for the moment when Jesse is leading. We have a great show coming up for you today. Coming up later, we talked to Shane Claiborne, his new book out called beating guns. And it's about the gun violence issue in America. We talked to them in the new issue of relevant, and we're bringing some of that audio experience here to you on the show today this fund I like this new format where we can integrated into the show. So that's coming up later, a beating guns tell tell what he's doing Jesse. It's crazy. Yeah. So the book is about the gun violence issue. But it also is about a project that he's embarked with with his co author of the book named Michael Martin and Michael Martin is a professional blacksmith. And he's also starting organization called rawal tools, and raw is also wore spelled backwards and whether doing is you can send Michael your if you had a firearm or gun, you can send it to him and he will use his blacksmiths skills to turn it into a gardening tool. And what they're trying to do is go to city from city. They're collecting people's gun turning them into garden tools, and they're really trying to put like a literal interpretation of the prophecy and Isaiah about when the kingdom of God comes people will turn their swords into Plowshares. And so they're trying to put that prophecy and practice and also take some guns all to St. I think we should try to do other biblical prophecies very literally as well. I'm very inspired by this. It's very it's a cool project for okay? Well, moving their show along it is time for slow news. How sinked where we are moving. This. We are plowing for like what is it time? For me. Are we are running the show like we are running the New York mayor on? We are sprinting out to an early. Here's what's curious. If one of us goes down on a catastrophic injury. Any polls a hamstring. We're gonna need you to slow down right away. What does he? Okay. So I needed to bring I felt like it was only fair that I bring updates lice. We talked about a gentleman named Jeremy Taylor last week. Who is an avid outdoorsman and was recently four wheeling in the organ wilderness with his dog and was stuck and.

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